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Bumble Review 2023: A Dating Site Where Women Rules

Bumble Review 2023: A Dating Site Where Women Rules
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Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 987 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Only women can initiate a conversation, which helps men seeking the right woman.
  • The responding rate on Bumble is high. You can chat in the app 24 hours a day.
  • A special BFF mode allows members to find friends and other connections.
  • Members can communicate through multiple mediums.
  • To access the user information, you need to go through some steps.
  • Men have minimal functionality in the Bumble website or app.
  • The 24-hour responding window makes it difficult to respond.

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Bumble is a dating app that gives control of women’s hands. Whitney Wolfe launched the app in 2014. It’s probably the world’s first dating app that empowers feminism. Bumble has some similarities with Tinder, and the reason behind the similarities is due to the owner’s former affiliation with the Tinder network. Unlike Tinder, Bumble put the women in control of everything from responding messages to conversation starters.

The male members on the app are unable to contact any female unless she shows interest. It’s a safety layer that the Bumble website provides to women, which other dating sites lack. In terms of features, Bumble shares many similarities with Tinder, more notably the swiping game of Hot or Not. If you’re a male member who wants to have a relaxing time and see what will happen next, then Bumble is perfect for you. Suppose you are a woman who loves to have control, then Bumble offers the best features that soothe your control cravings.

The women are the only ones that initiate the conversation, and the message’s visibility window is only 24 hours. What features make the Bumble app popular among the masses, and how does it work? This Bumble review will give answers to all your questions.

Impressive Website Design and Easy Usability

Impressive Website Design and Easy Usability

Bumble was launched as a dating app first, but it has recently launched as an information website. The bubble website lacks communication or dating features. Bumble has a colorful layout with all the features neatly organized. It’s easy to navigate, and the user-friendly interface makes it ideal for all age groups. Each segment is positioned strategically to provide smooth operation.

Outstanding Mobile Application for Effective Functionality

Bumble has user-friendly features that are easy to download and are available in both virtual stores of Apple and Android. You can easily download the app, create an account, and start finding your match. At first, members can only sign up through their Facebook account, but recently, the app has created an option to sign up with a phone number.

The app is easy to navigate, and the colorful interface makes it attractive for members. Users can link their social media accounts for easy access to sharing pictures and music with other members—the app caters to all relationship needs, from committed, long term to friends and casual.

Special Features That Highlight App Qualities

Bumble reviews reveal that the dating platform has many unique features that attract people. Some of the special features on the website are:

Bumble Boost

Bumble boost entails three features Rematch, Beeline, and Busy Bee, which gives your profile the boost it requires. Combining these three features will increase your matching chances and increase your chance of finding the perfect date.


SuperSwipe is an easy way for the members to show that they are more than interested. A heart button on the profile is the symbol to let others know about your interest. However, the feature is not for free and needs Bumble coins to have access.

Bumble Bizz

It’s a networking feature that helps in connecting professionals on the platform. It’s a promising way to meet like-minded people.

Bumble BFF

Do you want to expand your social circle? Try Bumble BFF and find some amazing friends on the dating platform. It’s a fantastic tool that helps in creating a supportive community.

Snooze Feature

If you want to go to hibernation, Bumble provides you an opportunity to snooze your account. It will save your contacts but keep you away from the other matchmaking activities. You can snooze your account for a day, three days, a week, or indefinitely.

The BeeHive.

If you are new to the Bumble app, this feature is a mine of tips and information that boosts your dating game. You can also learn about the live events Bumble hive host for social networking and finding the best matches.

Virtual Dating Badge

Bumble rewards its members with a virtual saying badge that lets other members know that you are ready to communicate through audio and video calls. It’s a fantastic feature in which key members connect on a deeper level.

Ease of Use for All Members on the App


Bumble website navigation does not require any special technology understanding. You can start with the swiping game to find your match. The women are the ones in control, and they have only one day window to respond to their potential match. If you fail to respond within the provided time window, your contact will disappear, never to be seen again. You will see a coded color system on the wall, which indicates different bundles. BFFs are displayed as green and red shows expiring connections. There is hope for men to create at least one match daily. All in all, men relax on the website, and they don’t have to struggle for creative conversation starters to impress the women.

If you’re looking for a relationship, either casual or long term, Bumble’s dating site will help you find the perfect match. Standard members can find casual hookups, which can ultimately turn into a serious relationship. Members can swipe and find a match as a man you send an interest and wait for the response. As a woman, you can decide who is worthy of your response. You can easily switch to the BFF mode.

There is a third mode that allows members to find business relationships. It’s a similar version of Linkedin but with a dating version. You can look for people who can help you in your business by helping in startups, increasing your knowledge about a particular field, etc.

Bumble also hosts events for its members, which are a great opportunity to find matches to face. How do you enter these events? Your profile is the only ticket to enter the event the site hosted.

Registration Process: Concise or Detailed Information?

Similar to many streamline dating sites, Bumble offers an easy signup process. The requirement to make an account is simple: you can either register with your Facebook account or mobile phone number. All your credentials are imported from your Facebook account along with your profile picture. Bumble app guarantees that the dating platform will not publish anything on your FB wall. Bumble has recently introduced registration through phone numbers, which allow members to sign up with a mobile number. You have to put in your country code and the phone number in the spaces. A verification text is sent to your number by the Bumble app. Fill in the verification side if it’s not filled automatically.

You have to provide your location so that Bumble can find the best matches in your location. Choose the mode you want to proceed in. If you are looking for a casual relationship, choose the BFF mode but to find romantic or casual dating relationships choose the Date mode.

You can only register your account through the Bumble app. Bumble website only provides information about the app and the download link to the app.

Impressive Profile Set-Up to Find Best Matches

Once you have registered for the account, you have to set up your profile to find the best matches. You can edit or complete your profile by tapping on the icon at the bottom of the screen. You can also switch mode by swiping the screen.

The profile setting entails various fields that help members find potential matches and know each other’s personalities. It is highly recommended to complete all the required fields of the profile to present yourself as a serious candidate and glimpse your personality.

You can add a total of six photos to your account. The easiest method is to import them from your Facebook account; however, you can also upload your pictures from your device.

Bumble provides some Profile Prompts which help members in creating an interesting profile. There is a long list of prompts that include different questions covering all aspects like who you text most, your idea of perfect Sunday, and your go-to song, etc.

Add a little information about the About Me section, which lets your visitor know about your personality, quality, and preferences. Add some humor and creativity to make your bio interesting. Add some information about your work or job, which will be visible to other members visiting your profile.

The next section is about basic information about users, including gender, current location, and birth country. You can tell what you are seeking on the site, a local or newbie. There are other fields about your star sign, religion, pets, relationship status, etc.

If you are not satisfied with the six photos on your profile, connect your Instagram account with Bumble, and share your IG life with your visitors. You can also link your Spotify account with your Bumble profile to let people know about your favorite artist. Who knows, you can click with your soulmate on your famous artist.

Bumble has introduced a photo verification system to filter out fake accounts from the site. You have to mirror a selfie pose on the screen and upload the photo on the app. Once the moderators verify your profile, it will be shown on your profile, and you can also request verified members for matches.

Enable or Disable App Notification Settings

Enable or Disable App Notification Settings

If you want to change your settings in the Bumble app, follow these steps:

If you want to edit the notifications you want to receive from the app, go to the user icon present at the bottom of the screen on the left. Open your settings by tapping on the gear icon — select the Notification setting on the list. Change the setting as you need and save the change.

To change notification settings on the Bumble website, click on your profile picture and select Settings. Open the notification and make changes.

How to Interact With Members Through Messaging?

Bumble dating platform is the matching game of swipe. You can do a left swipe to ignore a profile or a right swipe to like the member. The profiles shown on the matching game have a brief bio, which includes their name, age, location, job title, and education. You can view the members’ detailed profile by tapping on the image to decide whether you two match.

Most dating sites have a rule for a mutual match to start communication with a member. Bumble does not imply any such direction; however, the interaction count only be initiated if the female members desire. When you send a message to a female member, she has a 24-hour window to respond, and the message will disappear from her list. To extend your message’s time limit, members can purchase the Bumble Boost features and extend the time limit to 2 days. Giving women control to initiate contact is a smart step, which saves men time as they can only interact with women interested in them. On the right side of your bottom screen, you can see the chatting icon, which entails all the chats with members.

You can change your chat section’s setting by arranging the unread messages on the top, so you never miss any exciting offer. You can also change the setting by giving priority to the recent messages or messages sent by nearby members or those on your favorite list.

Bumble has a color-coded system for its communication tools.

  • Yellow indicates that a match is established between two members.
  • Green refers to the BFF connection.
  • Blue means that man extends the connection
  • Pink means female members extend the connection.
  • Red indicates the expired connection.

To enjoy the communicating tools on Bumble to their full members are advised to avail Boost features. It’s a premium feature that increases your chances of getting a potential match and productive communication. If you purchase the Boost features, it will provide you with three levels of features.

Beeline: It’s a fantastic feature that shows the list of members who have already liked you. It will save your time by not wasting it on matches that have no interest in you.

Rematch: If you have missed a message or the connection is expired, you can use the Rematch feature to connect again.

Extend time: You can extend the time on chats for 24 hours.

Once you have matched with someone, you have an option to communicate through voice calls or video chat. Tap on the icon you want to continue with for interaction or accept the members’ audio or video call.

If a woman intimates a video or audio call, it will be considered as the first move. Men can see the communication icon only when the female members reached out to them after a match. The female members can reach them with a text message or audio and video communication.

Bumble’s video features are available on all app modes: Date, BFF, and Bizz.

A virtual dating badge on your profile picture indicates other members that you are interested in visiting chat. To activate or deactivate the Virtual Badge from your profile, go to the Advanced Filters setting. The Virtual Badge does not come as one of the two allowed filters for free.

How to Delete a Chat on the Dating App?

How to Delete a Chat on the Dating App?

Usually, you don’t need to delete an unwanted chat as unresponsive chats disappear from your chat box after 24 hours or 48 if they are extended. You can unmatch a match to delete their conversation from your inbox.

How to Know If a Member Is Online?

Bumble doesn’t show a green dot along with the profile picture like other dating sites. The site does not show members activity status, which gives members a choice to interact whenever they want.

How to Know If a Bumble Member Read the Message?

The sender of the message on Bumble can only see the delivery report of the messages. Members do not have any feature or method to know whether their match has read the message.

How to Send Pictures on the App Through Messages?

Members can send pictures through the message to other members by opening the menu and adding the picture. Any nude or explicit picture is blurred by the moderator and needs members’ permission to see.

Message Filters for the Safety of Members

Bumble has introduced a new message filter which blurred the nude or explicit pictures from other members. Unresponsive messages disappeared from the list after 24 hours. You can also change the default setting of the priority of your message.

Search Filters to Find Members on the App

It’s safe to say that Bumble is a similar version of Tinder but with women in control. The matching system is identical, where profiles have displayed that match your criteria. If you want to show interest in a profile, swipe to the right. If you’re not interested in a profile, swipe to your left to pass. You can even undo a match if accidentally you reject them by shaking your phone, and your match will be back. The profiles are displayed one by one with the members’ images and a bio, which includes their name, location, age, and job title. You can also see their prompts answers on the next screen and more images if they have added. Tap on the screen, and all the additional information about the members will be displayed.

You can search your matches through advanced filters on the app. However, standard members can only choose two filters, whereas premium members have the luxury to select as many.

You can choose the filters from the profile settings. Mention the age range you are seeking on the app. Tap on the filters setting and select the advanced filters of your choice. The advanced filters include verified profile, looking for pets, exercise routine, star sign, relationship status, drinking or smoking habit, etc.

Free Based Services for Paid Members

Free Based Services for Paid Members

Bumble offers free matching to the standard members, but members have to upgrade their memberships to experience the app to its full potential.

As a premium member, the site offers the following features:

  • Extend connection with the members for 24 hours
  • Using rematch features to establish contact with expired connections
  • Use the SuperSwipe feature.
  • See the members list who have swiped right on your profile.

Bumble Boost subscription

  • One week cost 8.99 USD
  • One month cost 24.99 USD
  • Three months cost 49.99 USD

Bumble Coins

Members can purchase bumble coins in the app to gain access to premium features like SuperSwipe and Spotlight.

  • One coin cost 1.99 USD
  • Five coins cost 7.99 USD
  • 15 coins cost 19.99 USD
  • 20 coins visit 24.99 USD
  • 30 coins cost 34.99 USD

Is Bumble Subscription Plan Expensive or Cheap?

Bumble has an affordable premium plan which offers limited features as most of the features are free. Members can purchase additional features to increase their success rate on the app.

What Are Some Useful Tips to Create an Impressive Profile on Bumble?

What Are Some Useful Tips to Create an Impressive Profile on Bumble?

To create a Bumble profile that stands out, follow these simple tips in the Bumble review of dating sites.

  • Your first profile photo should be solo and the best.
  • Verify your profile to increase your credibility
  • Write a creative and impressive bio.
  • Use at least 20 prompts to show-off your personality.
  • Add badges to your profile.
  • Link your Spotify account to find matches that have similar taste

Last Word on the App Review

Bumble is an exclusive dating platform that is versatile and used by people worldwide. The three modes of the app Date, BFF, and Bizz help members find what they are seeking on the dating app. Long term relationship, dates, friends, hookup, or a business contract. Specify the mode that suits your needs and start finding your match. It’s a female-driven app that gives women control of the interaction, and men sit back and relax to see who shows them interest. It’s a win-win situation for both sides. When we talk about apps that provide the best matching system and safe environment for women, Bumble is listed on the top spot of dating sites.

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