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eHarmony Review: Best Dating Site to Find Soulmate in 2023

eHarmony Review: Best Dating Site to Find Soulmate in 2023
About Site
Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 72%
Popular Age 25-50
Profiles 962 000
Reply Rate 73%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • eHarmony has a huge member base spread in more than 190 countries worldwide.
  • Extensive profile system to find best matches.
  • Robust matching algorithm to provide compatible matches.
  • Step by step guide to making the online dating experience pleasurable for beginners.
  • Communication guidance help members to interact with their crush.
  • eHarmony gives priority to the compatibility of members and connects singles worldwide in committed relationships.
  • The premium membership of the site is expensive compared to other streamlined dating sites.
  • Search filters available on the site are limited.
  • The site is not suitable for the LGBTQ+ community.

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When it comes to seeking serious relationships on dating sites, eHarmony is on the top of the online dating platforms list. The dating website claims its effective program creates about 550 marriage bonds in the US every day. Its claim is enough of a guarantee for many people to seek long-term relationships that end up in marriages. Most people sign up for the site in search of their soul mates or love partners.

eHarmony has a robust matching algorithm that blends technology with members’ preferences to find the best matches. The match finds as a result of advanced strategies are compatible with committed and meaningful relationships.

eHarmony website has been working efficiently in the dating world since the nineties. The mastermind behind such an exceptional platform is Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a psychologist, and a marriage counselor. The elaborate matching strategy used by eHarmony had been copyrighted in the United States because of its exclusive and innovative status. This eHarmony review will give you all the details about the site working and strategies if you have confused thoughts about joining.

Straightforward Website Layout and Easy Usability

Straightforward Website Layout and Easy Usability

The eHarmony interface is straightforward and user friendly for the members, whether young or old. The site offers a few powerful features neatly organized on the homepage for the members’ convenience. The matches are listed in a grid format with brief information on each member’s name, age, location, and blurred profile picture.

The site has a minimalistic design lacking the frills and glitters of the modern dating websites. The eHarmony reviews show that the members are comfortable with the site’s easy navigation and access to features. Members can get used to the layout within a few minutes of registration. There are no annoying ads on the site besides the eHarmony encouraging its users to upgrade their subscription.

Is There a Mobile Application for the Site?

eHarmony has a basic interface for its app, similar to the website. The easy to access features and user-friendly navigation helps members to explore the app without any complications. Users can quickly scroll up and down to their matches and favorite lists.

eHarmony is an excellent addition for users who are always on the go and prefer their smartphones on desktops. You won’t miss any notification or message from your match wherever you go. Profile photos are still not visible on the app, as it’s only accessible for the premium members. The cost of subscriptions is identical on both platforms.

Special Features That Make the Website Unique

eHarmony offers some exclusive features to its members, which makes their experience on the website and app exceptional. Some of these features are listed below:

Premium profile

It’s an exclusive feature that allows members to have a comprehensive profile version. You can add some additional personality aspects. However, the feature requires a 19.85 USD payment to avail.

Secure Call

It’s a great feature that allows members to make private calls to their matches. Members can secure their contact number and call through the website services. The service requires extra charges of 7.95 USD for one month and 5.95 USD for three months.


Availability of the eH+ service, you will have a chance to experience the site most luxuriously. eHarmony will offer professional personal counselor services. Your counselor will first see your matches before they connect with you. The counselor makes sure that your matches are interesting enough to have communication. However, the service requires about 5000 USD per twelve months.

Sending Smile

Your match list has numerous profiles, and each profile has a mini smile icon under the picture. If you want to deliver a smile to the person, click on the icon, it will show your interest, and initiate contact.

Send questions

To interact with a match, you can send them questions to start a similar interest conversation. Questions are available for all members, and there is no restriction on the number you can send.

Add to Favorites

Similar to other streamlined dating websites, you can add members to your favorite list. Click on the star icon on the profile of members to add them as favorite.

What If?

Its premium features allow you to have 30 extra matches who are not on your preference list. The extra matches will give you more chances of compatible matches.

Video Date

It’s a recent addition to the dating site, allowing users to enjoy interaction through video chatting. The virtual experience of knowing your match face to face will connect you on a deeper level.

Ease of Use: User Friendly Navigation

Ease of Use: User Friendly Navigation

Since its inception, the eHarmony website’s main focus is to provide its members with a dating platform to seek like-minded potential matches. The registration on the website and app is free to complete. The app is easily downloadable from iOS and Android virtual stores.

The site’s signup process is a lengthy process that takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete if you don’t skip any step. However, if you don’t have enough time to complete, you can always come back to fill in the blank spaces. Overall the site is easy to use no matter what features you avail of.

Registration: Is It Quick or Time Consuming?

To register on the site, you can access the website or app of eHarmony. The dating website does not allow users to find matches without joining the site. You have to make an account, which is a lengthy process.

What does the registration form of eHarmony entail? Continue reading the eHarmony review to understand the registration process of the dating site.

Let’s start with the straightforward part: you need to add your email, location, gender, and password. If you don’t want to put in these details, sign up with your Facebook account, and the fields will be filled spontaneously.

Now let’s get to the lengthy part of the Compatibility questionnaire registration, which comprises 80 questions. The questions are a mix of open-ended and multiple question answers. The compatibility questionnaire aims to seek perfect matches that suit your preferences. eHarmony reviews show the members who answer honestly and spontaneously find better partners than those who hide their personalities. The quiz is a mandatory part of your registration process; you can pause it and continue in your profile.

Let’s see what the compatibility quiz looks like.

The questionnaire’s initial part is about the lifestyle and the kind of relationship you seek on the eHarmony website. Questions like what qualities interest you, besides love and affection, what do you seek in a relationship, describe your ideal preferences, etc.

The next section questions about your personality, hobbies, lifestyle, preferences, and interests. Questions like what are your likable qualities, are you a morning person or night, etc.

The third part is a visual section that offers you some images to choose from. You have to select the most appealing abstract drawing.

There is a section about your outlook and habits. You will be present with different scenarios to comprehend how you will react. There are questions about how you like to live. Some of the questions include, are there things that excite you easily? Are you bothered by cell phones?

The final part is about your opinion about different aspects like relationships, people, etc. The questions included in the list are, what physical quality interests you? Your opinion about marriage? Etc.

Completing your compatibility test, you will access their analysis in the Personality Profile. The personality analysis offered by the eHarmony website gives you an insight into the preferences, lifestyle, and behavior and is the foundation for your matches. However, free members cannot see as detailed personality analysis as premium members.

Detailed Profile Set-Up for Perfect Matches

eHarmony has an extensive profile system that helps the site in finding perfect matches for users. You can start with basic information like name, ethnicity, children, religion, etc. You can add information about your lifestyle, smoking and drinking habits, annual income, etc.

You have to answer one question from the list, which includes questions about your passion, free time interest, noticeable quality, thought on an ideal date, etc.

You can write a brief bio that includes your hobbies, interests, and qualities—highlight your preference in your life partner and what you are seeking on the eHarmony website.

The next step is to upload your profile photos. Members can upload a maximum of 12 pictures from their devices or import. They have an FB account. Members cannot see your profile pictures unless you permit them. These steps are mandatory to activate your account; however, it is recommended to complete the upcoming sections to create an impressive profile.

You can add information about your physical appearance, educational career, language you know or prefer, pets, opinion about having children, political affiliation, a little about who you are, and what you are thankful for? You can update your profile background picture and add as much information as you want.

Notification Settings for the Website and App

Notification Settings for the Website and App

The icon on the corner of the homepage screen has the setting option. You can select the notification tab and change the setting for your account as desired.

Messaging Options to Interact With Members

When you find a match on the eharmony site, you can look at their profile to find details. You can look into their necessary information and questions if they have an attempt, compatibility score with you, and blurred pictures. Free members don’t have access to the members’ photos, while premium members can view all the pictures. Members are allowed to send a smile to show interest and add to the favorite list. To connect on an intimate level, you can send messages to the users.

You can create a customized message or send it from the icebreaker provided by the eHarmony website. You can accept and send unlimited messages for your matches.

As standard members, you can only reply to the first message. You can send them a photo to choose from and know if your choices match. If you are not interested in a match, remove them from your match list.

The best way of communicating with your match for an in-depth connection is through a video call. eHarmony reviews show that the members enjoy the latest addition of Video Date on the website immensely. The site’s video data feature is private and secure, with no personal contact information exchange between them. Video Date can only happen if the matches have a conversation and send each other a minimum of three texts. If you don’t feel confident with the video call, end the calm, and remove the match from your list to restrict any future interaction through video or text.

eHarmony makes weekends special by offering free communication. The site provides free weekends on an almost regular basis when most of the site’s features are free.

The weekend offers members access to send smiles, questions, and write text messages or respond to messages. However, the free weekends restrict members from some features. These features include the features like to view the members who visit your profile, access to the “What if” feature, and pictures of other members.

How to Delete a Conversation in the Inbox?

eHarmony doesn’t have an option to delete a chat from the conversation. However, members can remove a match from the list, ultimately removing the chat and blocking the member from contacting. You can remove the match from the Match section by selecting the Remove tab from the options.

How to Know the Online Status of Users?

You can see your matches online status under their profile pictures. eHarmony removes any matches from the list that have not logged on for about two months. The Online Right Now tab on the website shows you the most active members. A green dot with your match profile shows they are online and available to chat.

How Can I Tell If an eHarmony Member Read the Message?

Click on the Message feature on the eHarmony website. The checkmark on the send messages indicates its status. One green check means the message delivery while two green checks indicate read status.

How to Send Pictures Through Messages?

eHarmony doesn’t offer members an option to send pictures; however, the site allows you to send two pictures to your match to select. This will allow you to notify if your preferences click.

Message Filters for the Convenience of Members

Message Filters for the Convenience of Members

eHarmony does not offer much in the message filter department. However, the site does not let members send any inappropriate pictures to each other. Any explicit image sends or demands results in the termination of the account. eHarmony monitored all the messages very closely and banned any profile crossing the line of appropriate or respect.

Extensive Search Filter to Find Your Soulmate

There is a big difference in finding a hookup and life partner on a dating site. eHarmony website does not cater to singles looking for short flings or hookups. The site offers advanced compatibility and personality tests to find the best partner for the users. The site aims to provide matches that end up in marriage.

You can speed up the matchmaking process of the website by evaluating the compatibility score. eHarmony will show you color-coded compatibility score indications if your needs and desires are similar.

The compatibility score is based on the questionnaire results of both members.

If you are a pro in online dating, you know that search filters are common on dating sites. eHarmony has used a unique approach by excluding search filters from the site. The dating website will offer you a new set of matches every day. The matches depend on your luck and the answers you have provided in your profile. The best part is the matches you are offered most likely want to have interaction as you two have common preferences.

You can interact with your match through messages. Either create something interesting to send or use the Icebreakers from the site to start a meaningful conversation. Send smiles to the matches you want to show interest in and them in your favorite list. You can send text messages and create a video call with the matches you like the most.

Fee Based Services for Premium Members

eHarmony offer three types of premium accounts, namely

  • Premium Light
  • Premium Plus
  • Premium Extra

Premium features

This is the most affordable plan and offers the following features.

  • View unlimited pictures of matches
  • Send unlimited messages to matches
  • View the members profile who have visited your profile
  • See the extended personality profile of your matches.
  • Search your members through distance
  • Getting potential matches outside users preferences

The cost of Premium Light is 65.90 USD per month, which makes it 197.7 USD for three months and 395.40 USD for six months.

If you want to opt for a 12-month subscription plan, your best option is the Premium Plus feature, which will give you unlimited access to premium features for a whole year. A 12-month premium subscription cost is 45.90 per month, making it about 550 USD for a year. If you want to continue using the site for about two years, go for the Premium Extra to give you unlimited access to the feature for only 35.90 USD per month, making it about 862 USD for two years.

Is eHarmony Expensive or Affordable for Members?

Is eHarmony Expensive or Affordable for Members?

eHarmony is not an expensive dating website compared to other streamline online dating platforms. The site offers three subscription plans to the members with unlimited feature access. Members can choose a plan that suits their preferences or financial comfort.

Compared with other dating sites, eHarmony offers more extended commitment plans ranging from six to 24 months. The payment option the site provides is convenient as well. Members can submit the whole payment one time. Users are allowed to divide their subscription costs into two convenient payment schedules. The last is the division of payment into three intervals.

Some Useful Tips to Remember When Creating Profile on eHarmony

eHarmony offers an extensive compatibility and personality test, which helps the site find perfect matches. However, the questionnaires are not mandatory to activate your profiles. The eHarmony review entails some useful tips for the members to create an impressive profile and increase the chances of getting the best matches.

When choosing pictures for your profile, make sure the pictures are of high quality. Choose the pictures that are solo and avoid pictures with groups, let’s, and children. It will make it difficult for the members to find you. You have an option to load up to 12 pictures. Create a story with your pictures by adding pictures depicting your hobbies, interest, and passion. Show your visitors your adventures where you like to travel or what you do in your free time. Avoid uploading any explicit pictures as the site will not approve of them.

Give a brief introduction to yourself and make sure to highlight all your qualities. Don’t forget to mention what qualities you prefer in your matches. Describe yourself in a fun way that creates curiosity and interest, not bore your bone match. An interesting profile makes your visitor curious and encourages them to make contact to know more about you.

Final Thoughts About the Dating Website

Final Thoughts About the Dating Website

eHarmony is the best site when you are looking for long term relationships or love. The advanced technology and comprehensive questionnaires offered by the site effectively find the best matches for the user. Each match is selected with deep consideration and evaluation of their profile for the users. The compatibility score with each member shows users what common interest they have with the match. Moreover, the site offers several communication media, which makes interaction with matches fun and productive. If you want to find your soul mate compatible with your personality on dating sites, eHarmony has the right tools to find you one.

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