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MeetMe Review 2023: Is It Worth It?

MeetMe Review 2023: Is It Worth It?
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Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 20-55
Profiles 980 000
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Extensive user base.
  • Popular members earn cash and credits.
  • Allows free chat between members.
  • Members can filter their search by age.
  • Sending messages to other members is free for everyone.
  • MeetMe has a chatroom.
  • Members can set up their profiles such that only their friends can see and access it.
  • There are so many scammers, predators, and rude people on the website.
  • The site is not ideal for those individuals looking for a serious commitment.
  • MeetMe has no rigorous guidelines against fraudulent profiles.

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MeetMe is one of the popular dating sites. It is a hybrid of online dating sites and social media forums. Established by The Meet Group in 2005, the dating site lets users connect freely with other users via chat, discussion threads, and streams mobile and chat.

MeetMe has a diverse membership structure. In other words, regardless of the age group, there are many potential matches for every user.

Keep reading our MeetMe review to learn more about how the site works.

Site Layout and How to Use the Platform

Site Layout and How to Use the Platform

According to our MeetMe review, the design and layout of the desktop edition look out of date. It appears similar to Facebook’s old design, and even though Facebook has changed to a more stylish, more elegant look, MeetMe hasn’t. It seems clear that the individuals behind the MeetMe website have decided to abandon it and focus more on the mobile app version, seeing that the app has a clean and improved appearance.

How Does the Site Work?

  • To use the site, one has to register and sign into the platform.
  • Users have to complete their profile and start reaching out to other users on the platform.
  • The messaging tool is free for every user, and they can start chatting with members they fancy.
  • The search tool helps members look for other members, using specific parameters, including location, age, hobbies, etc.
  • Members can go live and interact with their friends and fans; however, one must have a profile image before they can use this feature.

You can use the desktop and app versions for free. Although the app version has extra perks that you need to pay for, you can experience the site to the fullest, even without purchasing them.

What should I do when MeetMe is down?

MeetMe’s desktop users often experience technical issues. For this reason, members are advised to use the app version as it is more reliable and sophisticated.

Deleting Accounts

Members can delete their account by navigating to settings and hitting the delete button to remove the account.

Does the Website Have a Mobile Application?

In comparison with the desktop version, the apps layout and general design are better and more appealing. The mobile app is very user-friendly, and its usage is intuitive. It is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store, with a majority of its essential functionalities, are a few taps away.

MeetMe’s app not only overshadows its desktop counterpart aesthetically but also in terms of functionality. Users of the desktop version miss out on the app-only features.

What Special Features Does the Site Offer?

What Special Features Does the Site Offer?

MeetMe’s desktop layout is somewhat bland; however, their mobile app has some useful unique functionalities that make it clear the platform is more focused on mobile users.


Initiating a conversion can be very tricky sometimes. For those who don’t know how to go about it, MeetMe can be of assistance. Ask the other members a question; if they are interested, they will respond. Questions are usually sent anonymously, and the identity of the sender is revealed if the other member replies.

Secret Admirer

The “Secret admirer” tool is a fantastic game that members can play and other members simultaneously. The site sends users a notification that they have a secret admirer but doesn’t reveal who it is. However, it shows images of different members simultaneously; users have to guess who it is. There are five guesses, and after failing five times, the secret admirer notification disappears.

MeetMe Live

This feature is MeetMe’s streaming. Members can go live and connect with their viewers. The spectators can send gifts to the streamer in the form of diamonds. The streamers can convert these diamonds into real cash or in-app credits.


On the mobile app, MeetMe has a Tinder-like swipe feature. Users are shown a picture of random members, who can choose to like or pass and move to the next member.


Following our MeetMe reviews, the following are the security measures provided by the moderators:

  • MeetMe doesn’t conduct any background checks on the members, who can use the site anonymously. Although there is an option for reporting fake and abusive profiles, nothing will be done if they are not found guilty.
  • This platform uses standard safety measures to prevent the misuse, alteration, and loss of data. However, there is no guarantee that hackers cannot illegally obtain this data.
  • Minor are strictly prohibited from joining the platform; a minor trying to sign in will be blocked.
  • There are over 350 people, more than half of the site’s workforce, devoted to moderation and security. MeetMe uses human moderation and machine learning to find, block, and delete most of the abusive content.
  • All publicly shared content, including images, videos, and profiles, have the Report Abuse button. MeetMe screens new users against databases of popular sex offenders. Now and then, they re-screens active members against the same lists.
  • MeetMe uses a combination of human interaction and technology to ensure adherence to the site’s policy and code of conduct. The algorithmic textual analysis was designed to detect irregularities that require additional review.
  • The administrators take several steps to educate their members about the possibility of online activity, especially when it leads to meeting one in person.
  • MeetMe actively takes part in 360 X-Industry Hack, a movement, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, etc., to develop functionalities for combating child sexual abuse online.

Here are a few safety tips one might find useful:

  • The report abuse button is placed on the right top corner of the page. Use it to notify the site administrators of inappropriate or suspicious behavior.
  • The Block button is useful for restricting annoying users.
  • Ensure to use a public place when meeting someone in real life
  • Make sure not to disclose personal details with anyone


How Easy Is It to Use the Platform?

How Easy Is It to Use the Platform?

MeetMe is intuitive and quite simple to use; one doesn’t have to be tech-savvy to use the platform. The registration is easy, and it takes just about two minutes to complete. The features of the MeetMe website are not too much, making it easier to find the right tool whenever one needs it.

How Long Does It Take to Sign Up on the Site?

Sign up on MeetMe can be done in the following ways:

  • Facebook
  • Email

Following our MeetMe reviews, registration with Facebook is quicker and more comfortable; members’ information is automatically fetched from Facebook. However, with the email, members have to input all the necessary information, including the following manually:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Location

By clicking “Sign Up Free,” the new user will be prompted to verify their account. Here, users will have to enter a phone number, where a four-digit code will be sent to authentication.

Once this verification is done, a link will be sent to the email address initially provided to activate the account and unlock all the features.

Once this is done, members can start browsing and connecting with other people on the platform.

Which Information Is Needed to Create a Profile?

  • MeetMe has no intensive guidelines against fraudulent profiles.
  • No identity verification or background checks are done on new members.
  • Profiles are not very comprehensive and do not get a good impression of a member.
  • The profile details can be changed later.

In terms of profile data, there isn’t much. All the site asks is the information provided during registration:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location

A profile image is needed before a user can go live.

Of course, there is a page with a biography field where users can write something about themselves. On the same page, members can include their sexual orientation and relationship status.

A member’s entire profile can be set up such that only their friends can view it. The same is applicable for pictures.

How Can Members Their Notification Settings?

Like most transsexual dating sites, MeetMe offers both push and email notifications. To manage both notifications:

  • Navigate to your profile and tap settings
  • Select either “Push notification” or “tap notification.”
  • Then select which features you want to get notifications for

How Does the Messaging Feature Work?

Which Information Is Needed to Create a Profile?

The website’s instant messaging tool is available for free for all users. However, it is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, members can message anyone free of charge.

On the flip side, users are also prone to inappropriate messages from other users. There are many rude users, perverts, and trolls on the platform, so getting unwanted messages is to be expected.

MeetMe’s dating game called “Blind Date” gives streamers the ability to hear the “contestant” although they initially can’t see them. However, as the video chat continues, the images become less blurry until it eventually gets revealed at the right time.

Both parties can then choose whether or not they want to make a match and continue chatting privately.

How to Delete a Conversation on the Site

With the desktop version:

  • Open the chat list and move the cursor to the right end of the chat you wish to delete
  • Click the delete icon.
  • A dialogue box will appear, prompting you to confirm you want to delete the message.
  • Upon clicking “OK,” the message will be deleted. However, if you change your mind, you can cancel.

With the mobile app:

  • Open the chat you want to delete
  • On the right top of the page, you will see an ellipsis; click on it.
  • A menu will appear; select the “Clear chat,” and the chat will disappear.

How Can One Identify Members Who Are Online?

Members online have a green dot in front of their usernames.

How to Know If a MeetMe Message Has Been Read?

With the Read Receipt turned on, the word “seen” appears beneath the message if a user reads the message you sent them. However, it does not show the time it was opened.

How Can I Send Images to Other Members?

There is a camera icon next to the message box. Click on the icon and select the image you wish to send. After selecting the image, click “Done” to send the image. Note that you can only send one message at a time.

Does the Platform Have Message Filters?

Users can decide who can send them members.

  • In the account settings, select “Chat.”
  • Select “Who can send me chats?”
  • Here, you have two options:
  • Everyone
  • Friends only

To manage who can send you photos:

  • Select Privacy and Content
  • Choose “Who can send me photos,” and you will be presented with three options:
  • People I allow
  • Everyone
  • Nobody

How to Search for Other Members?

Users can find members using the available filters. Below are the parameters available for standard users:

  • Location
  • Sexual preference
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age difference

Premium members have additional search features such as ethnicities, body type, height, weight, etc. Members can limit their search results to users who are currently online.

Which Services Comes With a Price Tag?

Does the Platform Have Message Filters?

Members can purchase MeetMe subscription products in various packages like one one-month, three-month, or six-month packs. The following are the perks of premium subscriptions.

  • No ads
  • See which members viewed your images and which pictures they viewed.
  • Messages are displayed first on other members’ inboxes.
  • Extensive Search Filters (Ethnicity, Body Types, etc.)
  • Decorate a profile with beautiful profile themes
  • Anonymously explore other profiles.

Upon confirmation of purchase, payment for all mobile subscriptions are charged to Google accounts or iTunes.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed for the same duration as the initial subscription unless the user decides to disable the auto-renew feature at least 24-hours before the current subscription elapses. This approach is advisable because subscriptions are billed within 24 hours before the current package ends.

Often, MeetMe offers a trial period of one week to its first-time subscribers. Such trials are limited to members who previously haven’t purchased a subscription via their current or old account. Google and Apple can recognize the ineligibility of previous subscribers who try to claim a free trial. This functionality is controlled by Google Play Store or Apple Store, depending on which device you use.

Purchases of packages are non-transferable and non-refundable, even if they are discontinued or expire. At any time, the moderators can make changes to the price of subscriptions and the functionalities included in the package. They can also choose to stop offering subscriptions and set expiration dates for subscriptions. If a user deletes their accounts or the account gets terminated, they will lose the remaining subscription time without compensation or refund.

Virtual Currency and Gifts

Virtual Currency products, including Diamonds and Credits, whether received or purchased, are not the members’ property. However, these members are just given limited licenses to use them to access the platform’s services, including spotlight, boost, first-class chats, etc.

Gifts are a limited right to access certain features on the site. Members can use Credits to buy gifts for other members, and the price of each gift is displayed at the point of purchase.

The platform does not offer a refund of any kind for all purchases of Gifts and Virtual currency. If MeetMe suspends, modifies, or terminates the Gift program, they will not take responsibility for replacing or repairing gifts or providing refund or credit.

Members cannot regain Gifts or virtual Currency for any amount of money. Users will lose all collected Virtual Currency (Diamonds, Credits, etc.) if they delete their account.

Subscription Termination

Members have the option to cancel their subscription within fourteen days of acceptance.

How Expensive Is MeetMe Membership Packages?

Duration Со per month Total
One month 7.99 7.99
Three months 6.00 17.99
Six months 5.00 29.99


Duration Со per month Total
250 credits $0.01 $2.99
500 credits $0.01 $4.99
625 credits $0.02 $9.99
2000 credits $0.01 $14.99
3700 credits $0.01 $24.99

Compared with other providers, MeetMe is quite cheap.

Tips for Creating an Amazing MeetMe Profile?

Creating a dating profile may seem hard initially; however, it’s all about introducing oneself to people in a manner that makes them want to know more. The bottom line is some of the best dating profiles are the simplest.

Here are some tips to bear in mind while creating a MeetMe profile.

  • Honesty.

Some online users are always tempted to stretch the truth to give a great impression about themselves. But most people prefer openness and honesty instead of someone pretending to be someone they are not.

  • Don’t leave anything blank.

One of the biggest mistakes users make while creating their profile is not taking advantage of the available tools to show who they are. If the dating site requires a username, do it. If the platform allows members to have up to seven photos, use all of them. According to statistics, the more effort you put into a profile, the more results you get.

  • Use nice pictures.

People want to see other members and get to know who they are. Make sure not to hide behind a hat or sunglasses. Also, never use a group or blurry picture to make it hard for people to see you. Almost half of the female users on the MeetMe website say a smile is the top physical feature that attracts someone to them. Always put that in mind.

  • Comprehensiveness.

Details are necessary to help people get a better understanding of who you are. Instead of telling people that you love music, you can tell them about your favorite songs.

  • Concise.
How to Delete a Conversation on the Site

MeetMe dating profiles were almost like a curriculum vitae back in the day, and you’d tell it all about yourself as though you were writing a novel. But now the online dating dynamics have changed, and a short paragraph is enough. Your profile should give you an idea of who you are but don’t give away all at once. Make people want to learn more about you.

Concluding Thoughts on the Review of This Platform

In general, MeetMe works more like a social media platform than a dating site, with a huge focus on social interaction and group discussion. Members can enjoy the site to the fullest without even having to purchase subscriptions; most important features like messaging are free for everybody.

The lack of excellent security and anonymity makes it difficult for the members to find someone genuinely interested in serious commitment.

However, as with most transsexual dating sites, MeetMe is an excellent place to mess around, talk to people, and have fun online.

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