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An Ultimate OkCupid Review of 2023

An Ultimate OkCupid Review of 2023
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 71%
Popular Age 25-55
Profiles 1 540 000
Reply Rate 74%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy signup procedure.
  • Standard members can use the communication feature of the site.
  • User has multiple options in terms of gender and sexual preferences.
  • Non-monogamous members can also join the site and find partners.
  • Member does not have to upgrade their memberships to use the search filters.
  • It's friendly for the LGBTQ community.
  • Members have to upgrade their membership to get a fully functional experience.

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In transsexual dating sites, OkCupid is the perfect blend of exceptional functionality with an easy to use interface. The varieties in gender and sexual preferences make it a versatile dating platform for all ages and preferences. The best is the site’s robust matching algorithm, which finds the best matches for its members.

OkCupid is the project of four masterminds Chris Coyne, Max Krohn, Christan Rudder, and Sam Yagan. At the time of OkCupid launch in 2001, dating sites signed up and started finding matches on their dating platforms. OkCupid changes their terms by introducing questionnaires and multiple questions that help members find the best matches. The robust matching algorithm of the dating service was one of the reasons for its worldwide popularity.

OkCupid hasn’t spared a single aspect of its website and app untouched from its creativity. The bright colors and the little humor here and there make the OkCupid website and app fun to use. It’s a dating site that offers services to all genders despite their sexual preferences.

Website Interface and User Friendly Navigation

Read this in-depth OkCupid review to know all the details about the dating platform’s user-friendly website and impressive app. OkCupid is among those dating services which have a fully functional app as well as a website. The dating platform’s website is easy to use for all ages and has a laid back outlook. You won’t find any chaos of the features or unwanted ads popping up after every minute. All the features are neatly organized at the bottom of the screen. The bright color splashes and catchy phrases are appealing for the members. The site does not require any tech knowledge to understand the interface.

Availability of Mobile App in the Market

Availability of Mobile App in the Market

OkCupid has a fantastic dating app that is more popular than its website among the masses. It’s perfect for users who are always on the go because of their social or professional responsibilities. In terms of features, the app is identical to the website version of the dating platform. There is no additional feature to impress. The difference is you can access all the features single-handedly with a tap. You can find all the features neatly arranged at the bottom screen.

The Double Take feature available on the website as well is more convenient to use on the app. It’s the same as the Tinder swiping game; you can do a right swipe when interested in a member and left swipe to ignore a profile. When you like a person, and the compatibility stats with the said member is high, the app sends you a notification to start interacting with the member. The choice is all yours, whether you want to start communication or not.

By downloading the OkCupid app, you will be updated throughout the day with new messages and matches. You won’t miss any notification or a message from your crush.

Unique Features That Make the Website Special

OkCupid offers some amazing features to the standard members on the site. You can keep yourself engaged with free features. However, some premium features can make your experience on the site exceptional and effective

Double Take

It’s almost the same as the Tinder swiping game; you need to swipe to like or reject a profile. OkCupid will display potential matches on your screen. You can either send them interest or remove them from the list.

Who You Like

It’s the same as the Favorite feature of dating sites. You can message any user included in this section, and they will be notified that someone was interested in their profile or want to get in touch.

Who Likes You

It’s a premium feature that is only accessible by the A-List members. The feature allows the members to see who has shown interest in their profile.


If a user is new to the dating world, the OkCupid blog is an excellent source for learning new things and finding answers. The blog is jam-packed with useful information and tips to boost your online dating experience.

Algorithm Matches

OkCupid has a robust matching algorithm that is accessible for all members regardless of their membership status. You have to answer the site’s in-depth personality questionnaire to find the best matches on the site.

Ease of Use for the Convenience of Members

Ease of Use for the Convenience of Members

The simple layout of OkCupid doesn’t mean there are not enough features on the site. The site’s navigation is user friendly; all the features are present neatly in a row at the bottom. You won’t have to find each feature from different menus. When it comes to usability, OkCupid has the easiest interface among dating sites.

Registration Process: Is It Easy or Complicated?

Signing up for OkCupid is not easy, but the lengthy questionnaire took some time. All the personality questions are worth every minute, as they will help the site find the potential matches. You can effortlessly sign up for the site with your Facebook account. You won’t need to fill any information with this option. Your next option is via phone number if you’re in an app and email address, which requires some basic information.

You need to add some basic info like first name, email address, birth date, and location. The questionnaire, after this basic information, covers almost all aspects of the user’s life. You have to answer questions about your personality, hobbies, interests, religion, lifestyle, sexual preferences, and relationship status. All these questions will help OkCupid in finding the best match for its members. It’s advisable to answer all questions to have your best chance of finding potential matches. The test also helps in analyzing the compatibility status with members. Each profile on the OkCupid website shows the compatibility status bar to show the members if they are compatible with the match or not.

Extensive Profile Set-Up to Find Best Matches

Extensive Profile Set-Up to Find Best Matches

OkCupid accounts can be created from an app, website, and browser. During the registration process, the personality questionnaire has about 12 options for sexual presentation: straight, pansexual, gay, demisexual, questioning, etc.

Even the gender option on the site is immense, you can select from about 20 choices. The option includes genderqueer, intersex, male, transgender, androgynous, etc. Users have a choice to choose which pronouns they prefer.

Users are asked if they are open to non-monogamous relationships or not. Mention the age range for your ideal partner.

Members have to choose at least one photo for their profile setup to proceed. It’s recommended choosing at least 5 to 7 photos with high quality and exciting themes. Choose the best pictures in your gallery and upload them to your profile. Choose a picture that depicts your personality and interests. OkCupid has a different profile format than the other streamline dating sites. You can begin by introducing yourself.

The next section is about the compatibility questionnaires that will help the site find matches for members. You have to answer for yourself and your future date or partner. You can mention it’s important that your match shares a similar answer and more information in the box.

The user using the site’s mobile app can link their social media account like Instagram with their OkCupid profile. Go to your profile from the menu bar. Scroll down through your profile to the end and find Instagram and tap the connect button. You will be asked to deliver your Instagram information, and it will be associated with your account.

You can continue finding your matches from here onwards, but it’s recommended to complete your profile to have the promising chances of finding partners. Members show more interest in members who put effort into their profiles than those who left it incomplete.

Overall, the OkCupid profile is about nine sections and the capacity to add more if you are interested. You can choose the answers from the drop-down menu.

The two initial answered prompts will be visible on your profile while the rest can be shown if the visitor clicks on more. Create an interesting profile that piques the curiosity of your visitors. You can use the profile example of OkCupid to have an idea of how to write an impressive profile. Your match or future partner will imagine how it will be spending time with you when reading your profile. Make sure you interestingly present your hobbies and qualities.

There are some additional questions you can answer to make your profile impressive and interesting. The more information you add, the better chances of you getting responses.

Notification Settings on Website and App

OkCupid offers notification facilities to its members. The app is more efficient in keeping you up to date with all the messages or when a match is in a nearby location notification. You can change your notification setting whenever desired in your account settings.

How to Communicate Members on the Dating Platform

How to Communicate Members on the Dating Platform

The best feature of the OkCupid website is to give access to standard members to communicate with their matches. You can see the online members on the Search page on the homepage and start having instant messaging. Members can like each other’s profiles without paying for the premium membership. You can also search for members through their username, location, and pictures, all for free. To send a message to a member, go to their profile, and select the message icon to start the interaction.

In the beginning, OkCupid had a basic layout for its dating website, but with time and increasing online social networking, the OkCupid website changed with time. Now the site has a user-friendly social interface with opportunities to link social media accounts and answer questions and answers for best matches. The data OkCupid website has used in all these years is used in a useful manner.

The promising part of the OkCupid platform is its robust matching algorithm, which lets members find compatible best matches. Each profile has a compatibility status bar showing the compatibility between two members and suggesting they should carry on with the interaction or not.

OkCupid gave such freeway messaging before, but the site has recently changed its policies on messages features. Back, you can send text messages to any user you like, and they can read the message and send you a reply. Nowaday members still have access to messaging features, and they can send messages to whomever they want, but the recipient can only see the text message if they also like your profile.

The site explains its policy strategy change as they want to lower the average rate of inappropriate and unwanted messages. It’s the best way to keep scammers or inappropriate people from messaging everyone with absurd proposals.

How to Delete Chat From the Inbox?

OkCupid has a simple procedure to delete chat messages in your box, which no longer interests you. Like your smartphone text messages, select the chat messages you want to delete and then select the delete tab at the screen’s foot. If you don’t want to have any contact form a specific profile in the future, you can block them for your profile.

How to Know the Online Status of Members?

To know each member of their profile’s online status and check the green circle on their username. If it’s a full green circle, the member is online. If only the outline of the circle is green, it means he or she is offline.

Does OkCupid Provide Read Receipts for Messages?

Does OkCupid Provide Read Receipts for Messages?

A read receipt is a premium feature on OkCupid and could be purchased in 1, 5, and 20. You can choose the conversation you want to read, and you will be able to see when the person reads your messages.

How to Send Pictures Through Text Message?

You can send photos through a text message on OkCupid by attaching the picture from your gallery or social media profile. The website removes any explicit or inappropriate images.

Updated Message Filters of the Dating Service

OkCupid has free access to the messages before, but the dating site changed their messages filters recently. Members can send messages to other members, but the recipient could only read statements if they like their profile. This filter has improved the message quality of the dating website and app and gives members relief from a plethora of inappropriate messages.

Searching Members Through Extensive Filters

OkCupid members can search matches under the Browse Matches tab on the website version of the site and in the app’s Discovery tab. The dating platform’s search feature is the best place to search for members based on your criteria. When you open the Browse tab of your homepage, the OkCupid wall displays the best potential matches based on your preferences. The basic filters the OkCupid website use for finding a match is location, online status, age-range, and gender. The search results are organized based on match percentage and the time the login lasts.

You can also customize your search results by adding filters such as physical appearance, availability, questions, background, etc. A noteworthy feature for standard members is that some filters, such as body type and attractiveness, are only accessible for A-List members.

You can see the search result in a grid format on the OkCupid website. The search results on the app are displayed horizontally. A green dot on the profile indicates the online status of the person. A blue dot indicates some new activity like a change in the profile or new messages etc. A profile photo with a gold circle means they have liked your profile.

You can see the information about the members, view their photo, and about me. OkCupid reviews show that members are also allowed to view the match percentage, and the question you both have similar answers. When you like a profile, OkCupid makes sure to encourage the member to like your profile unless they give it a pass. In terms of a mutual like profile will appear in the message section of your homepage. You can send an introduction message to anyone and block any profile you don’t interest in.

Free Based Services for Premium Members

Free Based Services for Premium Members

OkCupid is an interesting dating platform with free message features that keep the website’s standard members engaged. However, the site’s paid features are phenomenal and give members a chance to experience the site to its full potential. OkCupid has multiple paid packages that give members the option to choose the one that suits their financial comforts and desires. Let’s read the Okcupid review to know the details of each package’s cost structure and features.

A-List Basic

Cost structure

One month’s cost of the OkCupid A-List subscription is about 20 USD, and the three to six months packages cost 44.85 USD and 59.70 USD in total, saving you about 25% in a three-month deal and 50% on the six-month subscription.


  • The members’ profile will be marked as A-List users in the search results and when someone views their faces.
  • View the full list of members who like their profile.
  • A profile will be highlighted in different features like QuickMAtch, DoubleTAke, and Visitors.
  • Using advanced search filters like body type and attractiveness
  • Search matches are based on the questions they have publicly answered.
  • No limit on sending likes
  • Reading message receipts
  • No annoying ads

A-List Premium

Cost Structure

One month’s cost of the OkCupid A-List premium subscription is about 35 USD, and the three to six months packages cost 89.70 USD and 149.40 USD in total, saving you about 14% in a three-month deal and 29% on the six-month subscription.


  • Using the Auto Boost feature make heir profile more visible during peak hours
  • Seen by more attractive members on the site
  • Able to see public question answers for other members
  • Given priority in the messages by ranking on the top in the conversation list

Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode

Cost Structure

One month cost of the OkCupid Incognito Mode subscription is about 35 USD, and the three to six months packages cost 89.70 USD and 149.40 USD in total, saving you about 14% in a three-month deal and 29% on the six-month subscription.


Incognito is separate from the A-List subscription, and the features include

  • The standard members cannot see profile until you like there or send them a message
  • Option to hide profile from the people you already send message
  • If a member tried to visit your profile, who you are not interested in, or send a message, they would be directed to a page that says that the profile is not available.
  • Ability to Turn on or off incognito mode any time


OkCupid offers one more premium feature that gives members more visibility in all results. Members profiles are ranked on the top list for 15 minutes at peak hours. However, the Boost feature gives members more chances to gain responses from other members.

Cost Structure

  • One Boost cost 1.99 USD
  • Five Boosts cost 9.45 USD
  • Ten Boosts cost 16.90 USD

Is OkCupid Expensive or Affordable Platform?

OkCupid is an affordable dating website that provides comprehensive packages for the members to choose from based on their comfort. Members can enjoy outstanding features in a reasonable amount, which are more than their worth.

Tips to Remember When Creating Profile on OkCupid?

Tips to Remember When Creating Profile on OkCupid?

Profiles are the main interest of any dating website to make your profile impressive and exciting in OkCupid, here are some tips by the experts.

  • Use high-quality profile photos
  • Use solo photo
  • Make interesting life snippets with your pictures
  • Make your About Me section enjoyable by adding some humor and creative adjectives
  • Complete all the details of your profile to find the best matches
  • Answer the personality questionnaires honestly

Last Words About the Dating Review

OkCupid review in transsexual dating sites gives you in-depth information about the website, its works, and the dating platform’s best features. The multiple choices in gender and sexual preferences make the dating service suitable for all people seeking love, friends, hookups, or casual relationships. The OkCupid reviews and testimonies are evidence of its legitimate status and product functionality. Whenever the topic of best dating sites came into the conversation, OkCupid always ranked in the top list of transsexual dating sites.

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