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Plenty of Fish Review: Find Your Partner Here

Plenty of Fish
About Site
Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 9 892 000
Reply Rate 83%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is the pioneer in the dating market.
  • The majority of people are looking for love relationships with commitments.
  • Plenty of features are available free of charge.
  • You can access the Online Personality Assessment feature.
  • You get signed out if you do not use the site for a while.
  • There is a particular group of people who fake the info in their profiles.
  • The web design needed some fresh updates.

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Plenty of Fish or shortly POF started to provide its dating services in 2003. Nowadays, many dating sites provide services to certain groups. You can find many dating sites, religious or certain related to certain hobbies. Plenty of Fish works differently and does not divide people into categories. Every individual can join the community of friendly people, despite their sexual preferences, religion, occupation, or interests. The site is proud to be a pioneer in the dating market and still keeps the competition with modern apps and programs for chatting with strangers. If you check the user database, you will be shocked to know that there are more than 90 million single men and women. It is proof that Plenty of Fish is one of the largest dating platforms. Every single day, around 4 million registered members log in with the hope of meeting like-minded people for serious relationships, flirting, or friendly conversation. It is interesting to mention that around a million love relationships start on the platform every year.

Plenty of Fish works as a dating website and an efficient auto-matchmaking service for single people worldwide. You have to determine the main criteria and browse users’ profiles freely. It is enjoyable to search for like-minded men and women who match your primary criteria. The utilization potential of the Plenty of Fish is enormous. The capability to find matching dates will surprise you pleasantly. In the following Plenty of Fish review, we will learn about many efficient features such as “Ultra Match” that displays the top 50 potential dates according to your criteria.

This dating platform has succeeded in combining many handy features of the most popular dating websites/applications present on the market. It is convenient to search for dates and filter the results according to the location. The site allows you to scroll through millions of profile images. You have to press the cross-shaped icon if you do not like a profile or tick it if you are interested in matching this individual and know him/her better. If you want to receive fresh matching suggestions, you can adjust the setting, and the site will send you notifications daily. Continue to read the Plenty of Fish review to understand the main functionality and the audience’s quality, which is enormous.

Simple Yet Efficient Website Design and Usability

Simple Yet Efficient Website Design and Usability

The web design of the Plenty of Fish desktop version seems overwhelming. If you compare it with the application, the situation becomes much better. The design is more up-to-date and, at the same time, easier to navigate for newbies. There is no difference between the desktop or app versions. They are 100% identical. You have to choose the version you prefer according to your lifestyle and the most used device.

The user interface is convenient to use. You will face no problems to create/update your dating profile, generate the best matches, and enjoy communication on both POF versions. The developer organized all the icons/buttons in a clear and accessible way for your comfort and stress-free dating experience. Plenty of Fish is the site that can suit the needs of any user despite his/her age, language, country, and race. You should not think that only modern dating sites are flexible. POF breaks all records. The site allows you to adjust the search results by physical characteristics, hobbies, religious beliefs, and dating preferences. By the way, the platform allows you to search for registered members by their nicknames.

Learn How to Use the Mobile Applications

Learn How to Use the Mobile Applications

Plenty of Fish has an efficient and fully functional application with a user-friendly interface. You can install the app on Google, Apple, and Windows stores. It is essential to note that the application takes the info from the location services. If you do not have your data to be saved, you should turn this option off. If you like a certain feature on the desktop version, you can be sure to find it on the mobile version tool. Nowadays, more and more men and women prefer to install the application and date on the go. When you choose a desktop version, you have to stay at home. It is straightforward to view users’ profiles via the app. If you check the statistics, more than 70% of the whole time, people use the Plenty of Fish platform via the application. The app’s popularity is the result of its convenience user-interface and easy access to all the features.

Let’s be clear that the Plenty of Fish application is straightforward and even more well-organized than the desktop version. The only disadvantage of the app is when you want to cancel your dating account. You can easily hide the app. However, if you want to delete/disable your Plenty of Fish account, you need to return to the desktop version and accomplish this step. So, if you are hesitating to use the dating platform either on the PC or app, you should stop your choice on the mobile version.

The List of Special Features to Boost Your Dating

The List of Special Features to Boost Your Dating

The main reason for the Plenty of Fish popularity is a significant number of unique features. The provider adds new features all the time to stand the competition and boost your experience on the dating platform. Some of the features are unique, while others are copied from other popular sites, apps, and social media networks.

  • Chemistry Predictor

The site offers you to undergo personality tests to understand your psychology, needs, criteria, temper, sexual preferences, etc. The feature helps the Plenty of Fish website match you with the right individuals. There are plenty of tests. Some of them are short and include around 30 questions, while others are lengthy and ask you to give around 100 answers. The process works fast and easy because you have to press the suitable answers, which are based on your preferences.

  • UltraMatch

Plenty of Fish uses this unique matchmaking option to display the most compatible dates for your future love relationships.

  • Top Prospects

This feature includes a listing, which has got ranked by your compatibility with other members who have contacted you within a month. You can decide who should get removed from the list and those you want to see as your friends.

  • Nearby

You will see a similar feature on other dating applications. It helps to match you with single men and women who live in your area. It is convenient to have nearby contacts. The site generates this information thanks to smartphone location services.

  • Meet Me

The main goal of all dating sites and apps is to find matching dates and meet them in real life. This feature allows you to view local members who have a desire to spend time with you. It has common points with Tinder, where you have to see profiles and tick yes or no.

As soon as you find an attractive profile, you can start a chat session with this individual.

  • Auto Decision Making/Profiling

Note that this feature does not involve any human. A smart computer-based algorithm tries to make the best match decisions to provide excellent results and protect your data privacy. It is an efficient tool to build long-lasting relationships between the registered members.

  • Super Yes

Thanks to this option, you can have a clear idea of whether a person is interested in meeting you. This feature goes together with the one previously described, “Meet Me”.

Sending Priority Letters

You can activate or disable this feature in the same place where you send private letters to your friends and dates. You should test it if you want your message to get displayed at the top of the inbox. Note that only premium members can access this feature.

  • Catch of the Day

By using this feature, you have an option to highlight your Plenty of Fish profile. You can become the catch of the day if you have enough coins to purchase this extra feature.

  • Coins

If you want to boost the Plenty of Fish website’s presence, you need to purchase some coins. You will exchange your coins to get access to plenty of special features described in these listings. You should read the forum and subscribe to receive the site’s notifications not to miss a promo campaign when the price gets reduced to 50-90%.

Check Out Whether the Site Is Ease to Use

Check Out Whether the Site Is Ease to Use

Plenty of Fish is simple to use and absolutely free of charge. The provider uses a strict verification process. It is important to protect users from scammers and bots. The site thinks about users’ privacy and does not ask the clients to link their social media networks to accomplish the registration process. You will open your account easily within five minutes. Just provide the answers to the basic features.

Registering Your Account on the Dating Platform

The Plenty of Fish registration process requires some time. There is a lengthy profile questionnaire which you have to fulfil with personal details. There are questions about gender, relationship criteria, body type, spoken language, job, education, etc. It is the obligation to complete all the sections to get accepted to the Plenty of Fish website. Linking your social media account is not possible here.

Learn How You Can Set Up Your Dating Profile

When you compose a dating profile, you have the right to add many photos to attract maximum attention. Your detailed profile is the key to become popular and attract as many dates as possible. Your Plenty of Fish profile should include a catchphrase. Make sure that it sounds catchy to motivate people to know you better, send letters, and invite them for a meeting in real life. If you have a premium subscription, you can view extended members’ profiles.

The Way to Set the Site’s Notification Settings

The Way to Set the Site’s Notification Settings

You have to activate the menu and go to the settings of the website/application. You will see the “Use Current Location” option in order to switch on/off. If you activate the notifications, the Plenty of Fish will send you all the notifications about private messages and site/app updates. You will stay online all the time and will never miss important events.

Efficient Ways to Use Messaging Features

Every member has a chance to send/get private letters free of charge.

If you want to stand out, you have to press the “priority message” to place your letter at the inbox’s top. Even standard members can enjoy communication with like-minded people. By the way, you have the option to record a private voice message and share it with your potential match. It is always lovely to hear the voice of the person you like and want to know better. Note that only female users have the right to share photos within private letters. Do not share spam, links, adult content, etc.

Is It Allowed to Remove a Chat Session?

Every user has the right to delete chat messages. It is not difficult to do by pressing the box beside the “Message” section. You have to scroll to the downside of the messages by pressing the “Delete Selected” option.

How Can You Check Whether a Member Is Online?

How Can You Check Whether a Member Is Online?

If you are interested in dating only the online members right now, you have to apply an individual search filter to achieve the needed search results. The site displays information when a person has been active last time. This parameter is called “Last Visit”. It is handy information that allows you to analyze the Plenty of Fish website’s activity rate.

How Can a Member Check the Delivery Status of the Plenty Of Fish Messages?

You can check the delivery status off your sent message, but you have to purchase a premium subscription plan. You can see the details in the notification section.

What Is the Way to Send Private and Public Photos?

Plenty of Fish allows you to share photos on the platform. There is a big difference between sharing public or private photos. You can send a message with a private photo to your POF friend. When you share public images, they get displayed for all the users who can view them.

Follow these steps to add images which are public on the Plenty of Fish dating platform:

  1. Start with logging to your personal account.
  2. You have to press the “Edit Profile” option, which you will find at the screen’s top.
  3. You have to press the “Upload Images” option.

Plenty of Fish allows its users to add an unlimited number of photos. You have to choose your photo content carefully to attract maximum attention. It is a clear idea to share public photos. Other members will know how you look. Your photo content is also proof that your dating account is not fake.

Use Message Filters to Limit Undesirable Communications

Use Message Filters to Limit Undesirable Communications

By the way, it is allowed to filter people who can send you private messages on the Plenty of Fish website. You can do it by pressing “Edit Profile”> “Mail Settings”. You have the opportunity to set filters based on pictures, age, location, gender, etc.

The Way to Find Matching Dates

As a new member, you should be curious about available options for searching members.

The site offers three different ways to look for potential members. If you choose a basic search option, you have to provide some basic details about your personality characteristics and your matching partner you want to meet here. If you choose an advanced search tool, you will have to add extra personal information. The last search option allows you to search for members whose nickname you already know. The search results are precise enough to find your dream partner.

The Listing of Premium Dating Services

The Listing of Premium Dating Services

What are the paid services of the Plenty of Fish?

  1. You will be the first to appear on the listing of the “Meet Me” unique feature.
  2. You have the right to view members’ full-size profiles.
  3. You can see when your sent message gets delivered and read.
  4. Your dating experience is free from disturbing ads.
  5. As soon as someone visits your profile, you can see the details about the user.
  6. The number of emails is not limited for you to have stress-free dating.
  7. You can view any profile on the Plenty of Fish website.
  8. Your profile can stand out on the generated search results.
  9. You have the option to send three virtual gifts to potential dates per day.

Are the Dating Services of Plenty Of Fish Affordable or Expensive?

How much do you have to pay to become an upgraded member on Plenty of Fish?

  • The price for two months membership is around $39.
  • The price for four months membership is around $51.
  • The price for eight months membership is around $81.

Many newbies want to get a clear answer on whether the Plenty of Fish website’s dating services are cheap or expensive. After checking many Plenty of Fish reviews and comparing the site with similar platforms, you can see that the pricing policy is pretty average.

There are three options to make your POF payment: your credit card, mobile phone, or PayPal account.

Every member has the right to order additional coins:

  • The price for one coin is $2.
  • The price for five coins is $9.
  • The price for ten coins is $17.

It is essential to stress your attention that all ordered coins are non-refundable. You have to think carefully before making your order and completing the payment. You can cancel your VIP membership if you come from certain US states (see the full listing on the official website). You’re lucky because you don’t have to pay any cancellation fee or fine. The only condition is that you should switch off your auto-renewal subscription plan three business days in advance.

What Are the Useful Recommendations for Using Your Dating Plenty Of Fish Account?

What Are the Useful Recommendations for Using Your Dating Plenty Of Fish Account?

  • Your dating on the Plenty Of Fish website should be safe.

The site takes serious measures to protect its clients. If you read numerous Plenty Of Fish reviews on the internet, you will not find many negative comments about its safety and data privacy. This dating platform has an excellent reputation in terms of the privacy policy. A team of professional moderators works hard to develop new ways to protect each and every member. They also update already existing methods. However, you should take a proactive position, as well. If you notice suspicious activity, you should not ignore or let it go. You have to report a user immediately to the moderator to do the needed investigation. This is how you protect yourself and other members. Never stay indifferent.

  • Learn the rules of posting on public forum threads.

You should never forget that every thread on a public forum gets moderated. When you post a new thread, you have to check whether you do not violate the general rules. It is not allowed to post content, which includes ads, third-party links, or abusive language. Follow these rules if you do not want your Plenty of Fish account to get suspended.

  • Why does the site ask for account verification?

It is true that Plenty of Fish encourages its clients to undergo a verification process. It is true that this step takes time, but you should not skip it. By doing the profile verification via SMS, you can ensure that the site is free from spam and scammers.

The Final Conclusion About a Popular Dating Platform

Plenty of Fish is your key to find a 100% perfect match. The site offers plenty of features to meet the needs of its numerous clients. The best thing about this site is detailed profiles. You will get many personal details before you start communicating with the person. It is a guarantee to have an enjoyable experience in online dating. You do not have to go to niche-based dating sites to find the person you want. You have a much better option, which is Plenty of Fish!

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