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SwingLifeStyle Review: Best Swingers Dating Website in 2023

SwingLifeStyle Review: Best Swingers Dating Website in 2023
About Site
Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 78%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 967 000
Reply Rate 74%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • SwingLifeStyle is progressing each year since its launch in 2001.
  • The free version of the site offers spectacular features.
  • The dating platform provides a huge community filled with swinger couples and singles ready for sexual encounters.
  • The website is popular all over the world.
  • The community vibe makes members comfortable in interacting with each other and making their sexual fantasies a reality.
  • The site schedules events regularly.
  • SwingLifeStyle have a limited mobile app.
  • The interface of the website is outdated.
  • The registration process of the website is lengthy.

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When it comes to exotic taste in sexual relationships, the best platform is SwingLifeStyle caters to swingers worldwide. Since its origin in 2001, the site has gained popularity among swingers to provide a platform where couples can meet and engage in erotic group activities specifically for swingers. The site claims that it’s an alternative lifestyle for dating as swingers are judged by society for their choices.

You can register to the site in some easy steps and find like-minded people ready to engage in sexual fantasies. The site advertises a bold tag line, making it an exclusive platform for open-minded members seeking unique arrangements and non-conventional relationships. The sexual encounters the site caters to include orgies, threesomes, swapping partners, and more similar activities.

The site is not only an online dating service but also provides a social networking platform for the members. Members can meet, greet, and participate in different forums and groups to share their experiences — the site offers an open ground for swingers to discuss their problems with the experienced members and learn more about the lifestyle. SwingLifeStyle website has many benefits for the members to mingle and socialize with like-minded people.

SwingLifeStyle is a popular dating website with a members’ base above 16 million users across the globe. The majority of the users on the SwingLifeStyle website are from the United States, Australia, and Germany. About five million members are from different Asian and European countries.

SwingLifeStyle is a popular dating website

The SwingLifeStyle website has an impressive number of audiences who participate actively on the dating platform. You may find thousands of members online at any given time, ready to chat. The site has about 300 changes to rooms where members are busy discussing different topics. The weekly influx of new members on the site is about 7000.

The users on the SwingLifeStyle website are proactive; they are well aware of their needs and desires. They know how to find participants for their sexual fantasies and where to find them. The site is most popular among the young generation as most of the members’ ages range between 18 and 25. Many couples on the site are actively participating in the dating platform and contributing to the swingers community with their sexual experiences and stories.

The website’s design is simple and straightforward; however, the functionality of the site is exceptional. The site offers some outstanding features for both standard and premium members. Do you know the Swinglifestyle website provides a lifetime membership to its members? Keep reading this SwingLifeStyle review to see the cost structure of the membership.

Impressive Website Design and Easy Usability

The interface of the SwingLifeStyle is simple and lacks any frill and sparkles of modern dating websites. Members don’t have to locate any features as every feature is neatly organized on the homepage. You can find all the features on the left side menu of the screen. It’s easy to navigate through the side navigation bar without getting lost in the chaos.

The side navigation bar has many features like swinger clubs, groups, events, stories, parties, etc. However, once you sign in to the site, the homepage has a different menu selection, including home, travel, friends, search, chat, account, hot date, etc.

A new message on the site is notified by a pop-up sound that cannot be missed. All the site functions are user-friendly, and the easy to understand layout is convenient for the least tech-savvy members.

Overall, the website interface of the Swinglifestyle website lacks some modern outlook, but none of its functionality is compromised. Members can have an exceptional swinger experience on the site.

Mobile Application Availability on the Virtual Stores

SwingLifeStyle launched its app in 2013 when the website’s huge popularity demanded the availability of an app. As the site’s most active members are young, the requirement of an app becomes essential. Members love to have their favorite dating site at their fingertips so they won’t miss any message it sends or notification of events.

The features on the app are similar to the website version, along with the interface. The basic outlook is similar to its simplicity to features placement.

Members can register through the app or the browser version of the website. The app is easily available in the virtual stores of both Android and Apple.

Special Features That Make the Website Unique

Special Features That Make the Website Unique

SwingLifeStyle offers some amazing features on the site, which makes the experience outstanding. Members can enjoy their stay on the site by engaging in various features of the site.


The unique feature which makes SwingLifeStyle different from other similar dating platforms is its events. The site organized trips and cruises in collaboration with the tourism industry. Members can meet new swingers and indulge in sex parties or orgies to have fun. Singles can mingle to meet the love of their lives, and couples can find singles or couples who participate in their sexual escapades.


Swinglifestyle website has many groups or clubs on the site where members can find interesting people. You can find amazing people who spend some time with and have a nice conversation.


To stay updated with all the hot happening going on the site. The calendar feature of the SwingLifeStyle keeps you in sync with all the events happening within the swinger community.

Hot Date

It’s a public calendar where you let other members a peek into your calendar and let them know when you are free. You can find one or multiple swingers who are available on the date for some fun.


SwingLifeStyle has created a travel agency named Topless Travel. The agency aims to make travel arrangements for the SwingLifeStyle members. The agency arranges many events for a one-week cruise adventure to house parties, safari adventures, etc.

Swinger Clubs

If you want to locate a swinger club in your vicinity, SwingLifeStyle will help you in your dilemma. The site encourages swingers to advertise their clubs and upload their location on the members’ site. The clubs available on the site are all private, respecting the privacy of its members.

Ease of Use: UserFriendly Navigation and Easy Interface

Ease of Use: UserFriendly Navigation and Easy Interface

SwingLifeStyle is an easy to use dating platform where members do not get lost in the myriad of features. The site offers exclusive features all nearly organized on the site for the convenience of members. Almost all the features are present on the side navigation bar on the left of the screen. Members can click on the desired feature and enjoy the perks it includes.

The communication features of the website are also outstanding and easy to use. To know the details of all the communication mediums, keep reading the SwingLifeStyle review for more information. The advanced search filters help members find matches of their preferences. The site has some exclusive features like events, chat rooms, forums, and clubs, which give members ample opportunities to meet new people in the community who share common sexual fantasies.

Registration Process: How to Join the Site?

Reading this SwingLifeStyle review, you will already know that the dating website has a unique style. To register on the dating website, you have to provide some comprehensive information to find potential matches. However, most of the information requested at the time of registration becomes part of your profile. Once you complete each step in your sign up, you won’t have to redo your profile.

The site has no option to sign in with your social media accounts, and no contemporary registration forms are used. You have to join the site in a way that is considered old fashion but still effective.

You will require some time to fill in all the information the site requires. Be thorough with each answer and respond honestly to find matches that suit your criteria. Let’s start with the basic information the site asks its members to fill.

You can use your profile name or surname, which will be visible to other members. If you are into anonymous exploration, make sure your profile name does not expose your identity. Choose a name that depicts your personality and give members an idea of what you desire.

The next part is to provide a secure password and confirm again. Select your gender either you want to join the site as a couple, male or female. Couples have variation as male/male, male/female, or Female/female.

Considering the adult theme of the swinger lifestyle website, the restriction of age to 18 is legal safety. Check the block to consent with the term and condition of the site. It’s all the basic information the site requires from its members.

Profile Set-Up to Give Detail Information About Sexual Preferences

Profile Set-Up to Give Detail Information About Sexual Preferences

The profile details are part of the registration process of the SwingLifeStyle website. Members can skip some of the steps to fill in later, but most of the fields are mandatory to continue with the registration process.

The first part of the profile is about your pleasures. What type of pleasures you are seeking on the site. You have three preferences to choose from, which include watches, soft and full. The first one is an explanation in itself if you are into voyeurism or mild sexual activities, including only meetings and nothing else. The Soft option includes a step-up of pleasure from Watch. The option is for those who love mild pleasure only and indulge in oral sex with another partner or other activities that do not involve getting intimate. The last option, Full, means that you want to have a complete experience and get wild with someone else.

Afterward, you have to provide some information about yourself. It’s a mandatory step and could not be skipped. The form includes your age, height, and weight. You have to mention your sexual orientation, along with your smoking and drinking habits. You can mention who you are seeking on the site couple, single female, or male. Mention an age range for your matches from the youngest to oldest. You can also mention if you have any issue with the smoking or drinking habit if your partner mentions your preference.

Now comes the crucial part of your profile, which includes information about you and your partner. The first section is a short tagline, which should be only 3 to 5 words. It’s a mini introduction to yourself, so your visitors know who you are. Mention what preferences you are looking for in the partner in the next field. It will be a criterion to find matches on the site. Don’t forget to describe yourself creatively and concisely. Mention your expectation on the site, highlight your qualities, and why someone should choose you.

You can describe your fantasies in the next section or your real experiences, which you think are worth mentioning. Maybe someone with the same fantasy will read your profile and start a conversation. If you have more to say, there is an Additional Information section for members.

In terms of the members’ safety, the SwingLifeStyle website has no compulsion on the profile picture. However, if they want to upload images, they have multiple options, and there are no rules against explicit or nude photos.

Notification Settings on Website and App

SwingLifeStyle notifies members of new messages with a pop-up window. Members can change the notification settings in the Tools tab available in the side navigation bar.

Messaging Option to Interact With Members

Messaging Option to Interact With Members

SwingLifeStyle is a swinger community that provides multiple tools and mediums for its members to communicate. Members or groups can converse with each other through private messages. Members, when completing their profile, are allowed to invite members to their friends’ networks. This will enable the members to receive group emails. Once you add someone to your network, you will view their complete profile along with pictures. You can search for new members through the search filters and find someone according to your preferences. The Instant Messenger features are available for premium members only. Recently SwingLifeStyle has introduced a video calling service available on both the website and app of SLS.

Besides messages, the swing lifestyle offers many communication tools for the members. Members can join different chat rooms that pique their interest and participate in the chat going on between the members. You can also interact with the members in the chatroom if they have similar interests as you.

Members can also meet with other members of events organized by the SwingLifeStyle website. These events gather swingers from around and allow them to meet each other and socialize with new members. Premium members can send unlimited emails to members.

There are forums on the site where discussion threads are useful for members who have any concerns. New members can learn many things about the SwingLifeStyle on these forums. Members can share their opinions and ask questions if they have any issues. There are stories on the site which give members the hope that you can enjoy a happy life as a swinger. The travel agency arranges many adventures and trips for the members to have some pleasurable time with other partners.

How to Delete Chats of Unwanted Members?

Premium members can use the chat features of the SwingLifeStyle website. Members can delete any unwanted conversation from the list by clicking on the conversation and select remove or delete.

Is It Possible to Know the Online Status of Members?

You can not see the members’ online status but view the last time they were online in their profile.

Is It Possible to Know If a SwingLifeStyle Message Is Read?

Premium members can read the message receipt and know if the recipient has read the message or not.

How to Send Pictures on the Dating Website?

SwingLifeStyle allows members to send one picture to the premium members. You can select a picture for your public or private gallery and send it to the members. Members cannot send personal pictures, and free members do not have access to the attached pictures.

Message Filters Available for Members Security

Message Filters Available for Members Security

The SwingLifeStyle does not have a message filter on the site. Members can send nude or explicit pictures on the site. However, only premium members have the privilege to send messages and attach pictures.

Searching Members With Different Search Filters

SwingLifeStyle offers members two kinds of search: one is to browse through profiles and search for the members interested. SwingLifeStyle reviews show that members can decide about the compatibility with other members through their profile. Each profile gives you information about the members’ kinkiness level, whether they are wild or tame. They are seeking couples or single people, so you know you meet their requirements. Check their preferences for the partner and see whether they match yours or not. Once you decide the profile interest, you send them an email or message if you are a premium member.

The second option to search members on the site is by the extensive search filters available. You can go to the Search tab from the navigation bar of your homepage. There are various filters on the page, which include the gender of your partner. Mention if you have preferred a couple or not. You can select the male or female partner and their sexual orientation from bi, curious, or straight. You can select the age range from the menu.

You can also select the members to kink level from soft, Watch, and full. You can choose all three or anyone. You can search members through their last online status, notes availability, and old or new status.

Search through the lifestyle choices of members that include smoking or drinking habits. The last filter has three options, which indicate you can search members that have pictures that are certified or premium.

Free Based Services for Premium Members

Free Based Services for Premium Members

SwingLifeStyle offers exclusive features on the site for both standard and premium members. However, premium members have the privilege to enjoy all the features of the website with unlimited access.


  • Sending instant messages
  • Starting video calls
  • Upload nude photos
  • Rate the swinger clubs on the site
  • Approve new members

Cost structure

  • One month subscription cost 14.95 USD
  • Three months subscription cost 29.95 USD
  • Six months subscription cost 49.95 USD
  • Twelve months subscription 69.95 USD
  • A lifetime subscription cost 149.95 USD

Is SwingLifeStyle Expensive or Affordable for Members?

The subscription plan of the SwingLifeStyle is affordable compared to other swinger websites. The site also offers an affiliate program that gives members additional bonuses. The site pays the members who place the site banner on their platform. The lifetime membership is the website’s unique and exclusive feature, giving you lifetime access to all the site features-no need to worry about monthly fees.

What are Some Useful Tips to Create an Interesting Profile on SwingLifeStyle?

What are Some Useful Tips to Create an Interesting Profile on SwingLifeStyle?

The SwingLifeStyle allows its members to write whatever they desire. Here are some suggestions that can make your profile stand out from the crowd.

  • Do not use the same sentences everyone is using. Be creative and write in detail what you are seeking on the site.
  • Try to choose the right pictures for your profile, which doesn’t mean they should be nude or explicit.
  • Add some ideas in your profile that will help users in starting a conversation with you.
  • Focus on the positive ideas and avoid sharing negativity
  • Introduce yourself as fun and interesting, which make your visitors curious about your personality
  • Proofread your profile to see there are no typing mistakes or errors

Final Thoughts on the Dating Review

SwingLifeStyle is not only a niche dating site; it’s a community where swingers share their fantasies and lifestyle openly. The site provides a platform where members can share their explicit sexual tastes without any judgment or criticism. The site has multiple communication and interaction mediums that connect swingers from all over the world. Members can interact through private messages, video calls, events, clubs, chat rooms, forums, trips, etc. If you want to explore the swinger lifestyle or find a new partner that makes your fantasies real. SwingLifeStyle has thousands of members ready for sexcapades, and it’s the best swinger.

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