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Tagged Review: Social Networking and Dating

Tagged Review: Social Networking and Dating
About Site
Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 65 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The platform offers free users access to many features
  • Users can access Tagged from both their desktops and mobile devices
  • Sign up process is effortles
  • The website and app interfaces are friendly to users
  • It has many users for you to interact with
  • The service’s matching system is too simple
  • Some users in their Tagged review have reported the geo-location system to be faulty.

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The Tagged dating site was launched in 2004 by Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith of “The Meet” group. They created the service as a social network people could use to connect for friendship and dating. To date, the Tagged website has more than 100 million registered users. In 2011, it merged with Hi5 to increase its user base by over 230 million users. If you join the network, you have more than 300 million users to interact with. The users come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, with the majority being African American. You’ll also find Hispanics and Caucasians on the platform.

The site users are active, with up to 172,000 users logging in daily while almost 400,000 login weekly. There is competition among males for females, as almost 85% of users are male while the rest are female. Users are looking for different types of relationships. There are those interested in casual encounters, while others are interested in more serious relationships.

Initially, the service targeted teenagers who make up 11% of the user base currently. However, users aged between 35 and 54 have taken over as the majority on the platform. The site uses excellent features to offer its services to the users either for free or at a premium. You can access the services from the website or mobile application.

If you are looking for a platform you can use for networking with users from around the globe, make new friends, or find dates; this is your ideal service. In this Tagged review, you’ll learn how the service works and whether it is worth your while.

Tagged Review

Website Design and User-Friendliness

When you log in to your Tagged website account, you’ll be welcomed with a jam-packed page. Some new users have reported the page to be overwhelming. It is not easy for users to skim through the page for specific features. This shows that the site lacks properly planned information architecture.

The website also gives the users the impression of a social networking site rather than a dating site, unlike other dating sites that focus on dating first. The existence of games can be confusing as dating has not been given the priority on the page as you would have expected of any other dating site. If you are not patient enough, you might move on to find another site.

The site design is not responsive; users will have to zoom in and out and scroll to the left and right to access the whole page on smaller screens. That’s a drawback because the current trend shows that websites are designed to be responsive. However, the Tagged website load time is excellent; it does not contain sophisticated graphics that would affect the load time.

Furthermore, the designers used an excellent contrasting color scheme. The white background and black texts provide the right contrast for text legibility. The essential buttons are colored green making them easy to spot. The site is also consistent in all the browsers as none of the Tagged reviews mention issues with browser compatibility.

You’ll not have problems filling out different sections or using features as the site contains enough description messages. For example, it clearly outlines to users what type of profile photos they should upload. The pages also have called to action buttons placed strategically to prompt users to take specific actions like upgrading their account.

As mentioned earlier, there are teens on the platform, and some of the profile photos are leaning more towards pornographic content, which might not be ideal for them. Generally, apart from the jam-packed landing page, when a user learns how to use the site, it is functional.

Website Design and User-Friendliness

Does the Service Have a Mobile Application?

The Tagged dating site is available in a Mobile app for both Android and iOS users. Members can download the application on their mobile devices at no fee. According to Tagged reviews, more users prefer using the mobile app to the website. Moreover, users have given the app a 4-star rating out of five, meaning they are generally satisfied with its design and functionality.

It is projected that there are over 10 million app downloads. When you open the app, it gives more of a dating platform feel than the website. The app’s main feature is the “Meet Me” feature, which allows users to browse through members’ profiles in search of their perfect match.

On the app, Tagged does not allow users to customize their profiles with “skin” as on the website. Unlike the website, the app is clutter-free, and the features are well arranged. If you are more interested in dating than socializing, the app is better suited for you.

Unique Features

Tagged service uses several unique features that distinguish it from other dating sites. However, it also contains other features that are common in dating and social networking sites. Here are some of the notable special features:

  • Pets: This is a game on the platform that allows users to buy and sell other users. You are not immune to this trade; other users can buy and sell you too. The game uses a currency called Qd. You begin with a value of around 12 million Qd. The site allows you to buy other members for as low as 0.01Qd but makes it easy for other users to buy the pets from you. The more pets you buy, the more your value grows, and you receive cash perks. Your value goes up by 10% if another user buys you. If you’re inactive, your value will go down.
  • LUV: This feature offers gifts you can give and collect from other users on the Tagged dating site. You have access to 10 LUV each day. Users get points each time they give and receive LUV. When you receive LUV, you get extra LUV you can present to other users. There is a bar underneath your profile photo; it increases each time you receive LUV. If your bar is full, it is an indication that you’re receiving more LUV from other users. With a fuller bar, you have bragging rights to show other users how famous and cherished you are.
Unique Features

Is the Platform Easy to Use?

The biggest drawback of the Tagged website design is that the landing page is cluttered. Nonetheless, they listened to user reviews and did a better job on the mobile application. Aside from that, the general website design is usable.

The presence of a navigation menu at each page’s header makes it easy for users to navigate from one segment of the site to the other. It also uses drop-down menus that are not packed, making it easy for users to locate a particular menu item. There are also links to important pages on the footer of the Tagged website. You’ll also find a frequently asked questions section that guides users on common issues encountered on the platform by other users on the website.

The platform also makes it easy for you to browse through the millions of users with a simple search feature. You can use the feature to search for users using unique search criteria to match your needs. You’ll also love the tremendous internal linking of the various sections.

Is the Platform Easy to Use

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process on Tagged is hassle-free and will not take more than ten minutes, depending on your typing speed. If you love shortcuts, you can sign up using your Facebook or Google accounts. But if you prefer to separate the different areas of your life, you can manually fill the registration form.

The site requires minimal information during registration. Here is the information you’ll fill in:

  • Your name/username
  • Provide a valid email address
  • Select your current country
  • Specify your city
  • Select your language
  • Provide your gender
  • Fill in your date of birth.

Once you fill in this information, you must click the “Next” button to proceed. When you click this button, you’ll agree to the site’s Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. A pop-up window prompting you to upload a profile picture appears. You can choose to skip the step and do it later. The site sends a confirmation code to the email you provided, which you must copy and paste to confirm your account. Most dating sites use this feature for security. When you complete the confirmation process, you can access your Tagged account and browse through other users’ feeds. You can also play games and send messages.

sign Up Process

Profile Quality

Profiles on the platform are not very detailed compared to other dating sites. Perhaps, the nature of the relationships sought by members on the site does not require one to divulge a lot of information upfront. However, it would help if you provided as much information as you can on your user profile.

A profile photo is vital in matters of online dating. The site has strict rules as to the type of photo they expect users to upload. The following are some of the restrictions:

  • It prohibits users from uploading photos with nudity.
  • It does not allow pictures that contain sexual evocative content.
  • It also disallows any content that could be unsafe for minors.
  • It bans content containing graphic violence.
  • Users are not permitted to upload pictures with guns and gang membership.

Apart from your profile picture, your user profile also contains the details you provided during registration. To beef it up, you will have to provide a tagline. Use the tagline to write a catchy introduction that will draw attention to your profile. The Tagged website offers you the opportunity to state up to three languages you are conversant with.

On your profile, you’ll also state your religion, sexual orientation, and relationship status. You can decide whether your ethnicity, religion, and sexual preferences should be displayed on your profile in the profile settings. To make your profile more interesting, you can use animated GIFs as your profile picture.

The site also allows you to display YouTube videos beside your profile picture. You can also improve further by modifying your profile’s theme using your preferred “skin.” Your profile pictures are accessible by other users. If you wish to update your profile details later, the site allows you to do that. When you read Tagged reviews on user profiles, users seem contended with the nature of the platform’s profiles.

It is also critical to note that your safety is in your hands. There is certain information that you are advised against sharing on the platform. The site admins clearly state that they do not allow users to share phone numbers, mailing addresses, or business websites as part of their profile information. If a user is found to be flouting the set guidelines, Tagged website moderators will terminate their account.

It is also not safe to post any personal information such as emails, full names, or any other details that might jeopardize your security. All dating sites always discourage their users from sharing private details that would put them at risk. With a complete profile, you stand a better chance of finding whatever you’re looking for on the site.

Profile Quality


The Tagged website has a notification system that keeps users informed of the activities on their accounts. You’ll receive notification about people who have bought you, users who want to meet you. There is an “alerts” tab that contains notifications on account activity. You can also view notifications from the “Notifications” menu at the “More” drop-down menu—the notification helps keep you informed on your account’s activity.

Communication Features

The Tagged platform works more like a social platform. Once you log into your account, you’ll get access to feeds from other users. You can like or make a comment on other users’ posts. Like other social media platforms, you can also view who likes or has commented on a user profile. You can also update your status with text or a picture like you would any other social site. This is the social side of the site.

To interact at a more personal level with other users, you’ll move to the “Browse” tab to get suggestions based on your location. The site displays profile pictures, names, and locations. You can send a friend request or private message to a profile that you like. The site also offers stickers that you can send quickly to users you want to interact with.

The website also allows you to play the “pets” game with them where you buy them. The Tagged website amalgamates standard messaging with Instant messaging into one thread. You can access all your communication under the “messages” tab. Here, you can view all your messages, new messages, threads from online users, and conversations. There are members on the platform that have restricted communication to them unless you are friends.

The website allows users to attach photos, stickers, and GIFs to their messages. You can also send someone you like a virtual gift. If you are on a premium account, you’ll know whether the other user has read your message.

For users that you’ve already exchanged messages, the site allows you to make a video call. Another great way to communicate your interest to other users is by playing the “Meet Me” game. You’ll be presented with profile pictures with two options in this game: one to reject the proposal and the second one to like. When you like a profile, the user gets a notification that someone wants to meet them.

In case you come across users with unbecoming behavior, the Tagged allows you to report them or block them. When you block a user, you cut any communication with them. They’ll also not be able to access your feeds and profile. When looking for dating sites, ensure they have put in place proper security measures.

Communication Features

Can You Delete Chats?

If you want to delete the messages thread, there is a mechanism for deleting them. Click on the “Messages” tab at the header section of the site. Navigate to the “Conversations” tab under messages. Locate the chats you want to delete and click on the drop-down menu labeled “or.” Under this menu, click on “Delete.” You’ll get a pop-up window confirming your actions. Click “Yes” to delete the messages.

Can You See Online Users?

Yes. You can see users that are online at any given time. To see whether a user is online, simply visit their profile by clicking on their profile photo and selecting “Jump to profile.” If the user is currently online, you’ll see a green button on their profile. Also, if you had communicated with them, you can see whether users you’re in contact with are online by going to your “Messages” tab and selecting “Online.”

How Will You Know if a Tagged Message Has Been Read?

Firstly, you must have a premium account to view whether a message you sent was read. Click on the “Messages” tab and open the “All” tab. Here, you’ll see a small icon bearing a question mark next to the profile picture. Click on the icon to see the “read” status of your message.

How Can You Send Pictures?

On the Tagged Website, you can send pictures by posting them as your status update. The pictures you upload here will appear on the public feeds. However, if you want to send a user a picture privately, you can attach the picture to a direct message.

Does the Platform Have Message Filters?

The platform allows users to sort messages into four categories. The first category is the “All,” where all your messages are displayed here. The other category is “New,” where all your new messages are displayed. You’ll also view the “online” category, which shows online users with whom you’ve been interacting. Lastly, you can view “Conversations” you’ve been having with other users.

Does the Platform Have Message Filters

What Are the Search Features?

The Tagged dating site does not have a matching algorithm. There are two main features you can use to search for your perfect match:

  • Browse: This feature allows you to browse through profiles of other users. Under this feature, you can filter the search results using gender, age range, country, city, and proximity. You can also use other advanced filtering criteria, such as relationship status and ethnicity.
  • Meet Me: This is a game you play where the platform presents you with profiles with the option of liking or rejecting. When you like another user’s profile, they are notified that someone wants to meet them.
  • People you should meet: using this feature, the site provides you with suggestions of people you should consider meeting. You can respond by clicking “Yes” or “No.”
  • Pets you should buy: This feature also presents you with profiles you can buy as pets based on your previous purchase activity.

Premium Services

You can access the services on the site using a free account or a paid account. A free account has restricted access, while a premium account gives you access to premium services. If you read any Tagged review by current users, they are mostly satisfied with the premium features. A paid account offers you access to the following:

  • You’ll be able to view who likes you.
  • You’ll also know who visited your profile.
  • The site will grant you access to famous people.
  • You can contact new members.
  • You will get prioritized email support.
  • You can also know whether other users have read your messages.
Premium Services

To access these premium services, select from any of the plans in the table below:

Duration in Months Costs Total
1 9.99 USD 9.99 USD
3 6.99 USD 20.97 USD
6 4.99 USD 29.94 USD

Is Tagged Pricey or Economical?

When you compare the premium features’ pricing on Tagged with other dating sites, the services are reasonably priced. Tagged user reviews reveal that users consider the pricing scheme more favorable than other dating platforms.

What Factors Should You Consider When Creating a User Profile on Tagged?

There are several factors that users must consider when creating a Tagged user profile. Some of the notable factors include:

  • You should not share personal information on the site.
  • It would help if you did not share links to your commercial sites on your profile.
  • The website does not allow users to share pictures of their gang affiliations.
  • Do not share your contacts on the platform.
What Factors Should You Consider When Creating a User Profile on Tagged

Bottom Line

Tagged is not exclusively a dating site; it is also a social platform where you can chat with other users as friends. However, if you are looking for a date, you might want to try the platform’s dating features. Users on the platform are looking for different kinds of relationships, and the low level of security checks means there are many scammers. If you are looking for friends, casual dating, sexual encounters, soTagged will serve you well.

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