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Zoosk Review: Meet Your Soulmate Online

Zoosk Review: Meet Your Soulmate Online
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Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 8 657 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The network of registered members is pretty active.
  • The process of account verification is optional.
  • You can contact Customer Support via mobile or email.
  • The advanced features get available after purchasing a premium subscription.
  • The number of auto-suggestions is quite limited.
  • The price for coins on the Zoosk website is high.

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Zoosk is a famous dating application, which is available in many countries. The best thing about this dating company is that it offers various types of relationships. If you install Zoosk, you do not have to check for other dating sites. You can start either traditional, serious, or one-time fan hookups. The app is flexible in users’ preferences. The provider does not want to divide people. You will belong to a huge and international community of singles who know what they need on this online dating platform. You have to specify your needs while fulfilling your profile and let Zoosk connect you with other single men and women with common interests. Life becomes more enjoyable if you follow the path with a like-minded partner.

Awesome Approach to Website Design and Usability

Awesome Approach to Website Design and Usability

The developer of the Zoosk website wanted to design a straightforward user interface, which can make the dating experience positive and fruitful to all the members. The navigation of this online dating platform is simple. Even newly registered members have no difficulties to use all the set of available features.

The main menu gets located on the left side of the screen with all the available features for contacting potential matches. If you plan to subscribe to the premium membership, you will find the needed button under the main app’s menu. Everything connected to your Zoosk profile gets placed on the screen’s top right side through a dropping-down menu. You will find an icon for starting a chat session beside the same menu. Zoosk offers an excellent platform for live chatting with people from all around the world. If you look at the header, you can see a bell-shaped, which stores all your upcoming notifications. If you are curious to test exclusive features, you will need to find a heart-shapes platform.

As for the web design itself, the developer should upgrade it in order to attract younger members. The design looks professional and perfectly-organized. You will need all the tools to guarantee a successful dating experience with like-minded people.

Mobile App to Meet the Needs of Busy People

Mobile App to Meet the Needs of Busy People

The Zoosk application can get installed from the official Google or Apple stores.

If you compare a traditional PC version and an application, the mobile version offers a broader set of features. If you want to speed up the registration step, you should consider doing it via the app. All the features for contacting other members are accessible. You have the possibility to manage your Zoosk account on the go. Unfortunately, the app does not provide its users with the “Dating Insights” feature, which is available only on the desktop version. Your dating experience will get optimized thanks to the innovative app version.

It is true that younger members prefer to use the app because of the seamless and well-organized user interface. The lack of some essential features does not stop members from installing the app on their mobile devices. If you are often on-the-go, the Zoosk application is a must-have. The app does not show too much data because it does not fit the size of the screen. Everything is made in a way for easier reading and understanding of newbies and advanced users. If you want to access the features for searching/contacting other singles, you will find the needed icons at the bottom side of your mobile’s screen. You can read plenty of different Zoosk reviews to see that most users love its simple app design and high functionality. The app layout gets presented in soft grey and blue colours, which fit each other perfectly. It is an innovative and eye-catching design solution. If you use the app as a free user, there is a certain amount of ads, which interpret a bit. However, as soon as you become a premium subscriber, all the advertisements will get removed automatically.

The List of Exclusive Features for Searching and Communicating

The List of Exclusive Features for Searching and Communicating

Here is the list of the most interesting Zoosk features, which you can test:

  • Carousel

It is the most efficient feature to match Zoosk members. The tool works as roulette, which matches you to individuals that fix your dating parameters. You will never see such a feature on niche-based or transsexual dating sites. You see users’ profiles, and you can send flirts to people you like or just skip those who are not in your interest.

  • SmartPick

When you use the Zoosk website or app, you do many different actions. Usually, people send private messages, accept new friends, and express their interest in potential dates. The provider uses a powerful behavioural matching engine, whose purpose is to study your preferences and criteria. This data about users’ behaviour is essential to introduce you to perfect matches for passionate relationships. That is why people who have been using the dating platform for a while getting better matching results. SmartPick runs out pretty fast, so you have to react as soon as you see an attractive profile.

  • Dating Insights

Zoosk website collects users’ data on their platform activity. It gets used to filter people who may interest you. The site will make everything for you to have a perfect date. The provider recommends using this to learn the type of individuals you may attract, what common interests you have with other users on the platform, etc.

  • Connections

As soon as you meet an exciting contact, you can add this individual as a new friend. You should not feel shy to express your sincere interest freely. As practice shows, when you send other people a heart/smile, they tend to respond much faster. This person becomes your new friend automatically. When you put a person as your new connection, he or she gets added to the “Favorites” list.

  • Super Send

It is a handy feature, which allows you to send cute flirty letters to your potential matches. The Zoosk website provides its clients with a collection of pre-written letter templates. It saves your time and helps people who do not have writing talent.

  • Boost

The “Boost” feature speaks for itself. It is the secret weapon to increase the visibility of your profile. By doing this, you will make plenty of new connections. You will not find better tools than this one. Note that this feature is not free and available only to premium users.

Explore the Dating Platform That Is Ease to Use

Explore the Dating Platform That Is Ease to Use

The site has been present on the international dating market for 12 years. It has enough experience to master the art of providing high-quality dating services for different kinds of people. You should know that there are members from 80 different countries. They choose this platform because it is fun and easy to use. Once you read this Zoosk review, it will become one of your favourites and often used dating apps. From the beginning, the provider has formed a huge user database, which includes 40 million men and women. By the way, you should know that Zoosk has gotten mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, which is a big achievement for a dating platform.

After reading numerous Zoosk reviews, you will discover that its auto-matchmaking feature works not the same way as other similar dating apps or sites. The app offers two exclusive features, which are “SmartPick” and “Dating Insights”. Both help you achieve excellent dating results. Zoosk does not ask a new member to fulfil a lengthy profile or personality/compatibility tests. Zoosk website offers an efficient “Behavioral Matchmaking” technology. The mechanism is clever enough to learn the needed information about all the users while they just enjoy dating here. The “SmartPick” feature makes the process of matchmaking faster and generates more precise results. The platform analyzes its users’ behavioural data to match you with other singles based on your behaviour, interests, and dating criteria. You can track this collected data on the “Dating Insights” section. You should check it if you are curious about the auto-matchmaking mechanism of the Zoosk website.

Straightforward Method to Accomplish the Registration Process

Straightforward Method to Accomplish the Registration Process

This part of the Zoosk review is about the most important process, which is the registration. It takes not more than a couple of minutes, even for people who do not have enough experience in online dating. This step is easy to accomplish. It is enough to provide the basic facts, such as your birthday, gender, place of living, and your zip code. It is not the obligation to add your photo gallery straight away. You can do it later when you have enough time and inspiration. If you are limited in time, you should consider signing up via your Google/Facebook accounts. You will fulfil your Zoosk profile in around ten minutes. The site can detect the usage of a VPN. It is recommended to use the real zip code from the place you reside right now.

When you have given the needed details, the site sends you the link with the account activation. That is why you have to provide your valid email address; otherwise, you will get rejected. Press the provided link, and you are ready to start online dating. If you want to boost the level of credibility, it is desirable to link your social media accounts.

An Efficient Way to Setup Your Dating Profile

Note that all the photos you add to the Zoosk website/app are public and open to the entire community. If you want to express your talent and a creative side, it is desirable to write a brief bio story making you stand out from the crowd. When other members send you virtual gifts, they get displayed on your profile to show your popularity on the platform. Every profile has a section for an individual’s interests.

The overall quality of the Zoosk profiles is above average. You will not see so many detailed profiles on other similar transsexual dating sites. You just have to have a glance at the person’s interests to see if he or she will fit your criteria and lifestyle. You can view personal details and photos free of charge.

If you check other Zoosk reviews, you will see that people claim that profiles look complete and informative enough. It is the only way to check whether it is your perfect match or someone you should keep away. It is good that Zoosk does the profile validation to be an obligation. If a person is ready to share an ID, it means you should not be afraid of scammers or fake accounts. You will get many actual dates on the dating platform.

The Way to Manage the Notification Section on the Site

The Way to Manage the Notification Section on the Site

You have to press the display name Zoosk on the top right-side corner of the screen. There is a drop-down menu where you have to press “Account Settings”. There is a section that stands for notifications. It is the place where you different kinds of site’s notifications, which you can enable or disable.

The Way the Members Use the Messaging Feature

Zoosk allows premium members only to send private letters. It is a strictly paid feature. If you do not want to invest money, you can use a free alternative of sending hearts and smiles to people you like on the dating platform. If you want to make a positive impression on someone, you should send him/her a virtual present. When a person accepts your invitation to get to know each other better, you can communicate in the chatroom or via private messages.

Is It Allowed to Remove Private Messages?

You have the right to remove any message on the Zoosk website. You have to press the message in order to open it. There is a needed menu on the left-side corner. You can filter your current message. Press the “Edit” button to choose certain letters you want to get rid of and press the “Delete” button to accomplish the task.

How Can You Find Out Whether a Person Is Online?

How Can You Find Out Whether a Person Is Online?

When a Zoosk member is online right now, there is a green-coloured indicator on his or her dating profile. When a person has the “Online Now” status, it means that you can invite a person for a live chat session to know each other better.

Does Zoosk Display the Message Delivery Status?

As soon as you have sent a private letter on the Zoosk platform, the site sends you a notification, which informs you when exactly your letter gets opened by your potential match.

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Send Images?

If you want to send your photo in a private letter to other Zoosk members, you should follow the easy instructions below. First of all, you have to click on the name of your friend (alternatively, you can press on his/her profile image). Then you have to press “Message”. You can see the text box and the “Camera” button next to it. It is allowed to select a nice-looking image directly from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Also, you can make a new one by pressing the camera icon. If you want, you can insert a textual content that will accompany your image. Finally, press the “Send” command.

The Way to Filter Private Letters

The Way to Filter Private Letters

Contacting your potential dates is a challenge if you do not have a premium membership. You can access numerous message filters and avoid any unwanted conversations. Free members do not have this option. They can view profiles and send smiles.

The Way You Will Search for New Members

The Zoosk website offers two different types of searching and matching tools. You can choose the “Carousel” feature when the site sends you plenty of user profile suggestions. You can display the listing and pick up the most interesting ones. The feature offers you three options “X”, “Maybe”, and “Check”. Within the “Carousel” matching feature, there are two suggestion types: “Meet” and “Match”.

You will find the second auto matchmaking feature of Zoosk under the “Match” tab. You will find the “SmartPick” feature, which will display another kind of date suggestions, which get based on your personal behaviour on the current website. Zoosk takes the data about users’ profiles you have browsed before, your search results with applied filters, and individuals you have sent smiles, hearts, or friend suggestions.

The List of Advanced Fee-Based Dating Services

The List of Advanced Fee-Based Dating Services

What paid dating services does the Zoosk website offer to its clients?

  1. You can send private letters.
  2. There is unlimited access to the “SmartPicks” feature.
  3. It is allowed to view users’ profiles in an anonymous mode.
  4. The feature of live chatting is excellent.
  5. You can track the info about potential dates who have visited your profile.

Are the Services of Zoosk Website Cheap or Costly?

Zoosk: Premium Membership Options:

  • One month membership costs around $30.
  • Three months of membership costs around $60.
  • Six months of membership costs around $75.

Alternatively, you have the option to purchase coins. The site offers you a pack of 180 coins for $20 or 480 coins for $40. As you can see, the prices of the Zoosk site are pretty affordable. Besides, you can choose the most convenient payment option: PayPal and Debit/Credit Cards.

Zoosk gives you the freedom to decide which package duration is the best for you. As a paying member, you get access to additional features to make the process of dating and communicating more pleasant compared to the standard membership. You can send a private letter to any person you like and even see your profile’s guests. In case you are not ready for a long commitment to a premium subscription plan, but you still want to get some extra features, you have the option to order coins. They work for a limited time to get access to paid Zoosk functionality. Do not forget that it is necessary to pay $24 as a fee. It is a single-time fee to get the premium status.

What Tips Does Zoosk Have for Creating an Eye-Catching Profile?

What Tips Does Zoosk Have for Creating an Eye-Catching Profile?

When you open a new profile on Zoosk, you should thank not only about your popularity but your safety too. Online dating can’t be 100% safe because of a certain amount of fake users and boring scammers. It is recommended to undergo Zoosk’s verification process to make the community free from bots. If you ignore the rule to provide your ID, the moderator will disable your profile, and you won’t be able to use the Zoosk platform any longer. It would help if you were careful online. When you notice suspicious activity, you should report to the admin as fast as possible. It would help if you pressed the “Report” button.

The Zoosk website is one of the most efficient dating platforms that you can access on your personal computer or mobile device. It is the top choice for busy single men and women who are searching for efficient ways to organize a romantic and passionate date. The website helped many couples to meet each other and start long-lasting relationships. The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, which is important for newbies. It mixes the dating principles of old-fashioned, modern, and even dating sites to satisfy the needs of every individual who join the Zoosk community.

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